Not for you @ Gorge 2005

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What is the song at the end of Not for you @ the Gorge in 2005?

Is only Improv?

Thanks for helping.
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    it an improv..talking about new life..about changes and how Love is important..
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    Just listening to this again tonight. So beautiful. One of my favorite songs and I really love this tag.
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    Listened to that show today. A bit hit-and-miss. Too many fuck-ups and the band just doesn't seem together. But then fast-forward to the July 22nd show, and wow. Now that was a show!
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  • Loved the tag so much, had to give my best shot at transcription a while back when someone posted about fatherhood & PJ's music:

    Now I'm here and now you're there
    And now there's another one
    And she is clear
    All our lives
    Could've never known
    What she could bring
    To our home (sounds like he chokes up on this part- it is so touching, esp. if you're a parent)
    And to think
    When I was young
    I was ready
    To give it up
    Somehow stayed
    There were changes
    And here we are
    And it's love that remains
    Our love remains
    Our life remains
    And explains
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