Your top 3 PJ live ??

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What were your own personal top 3 shows you've attended and give some highlights:

1. First show in '03 - State College
Release opener, longest show ever at that time, entirely college crowd.

2. L@TG
LBC opener, Harper (two hands, indifference), Crown

3. Borgata Night 1
Present Tense opener, Bee Girl, intimate setting, closest I've been to Ed about 8 heads back in pit.
02MAY2003 - State College, PA
08JUL2003 - New York, NY (L@TG)
14JUL2003 - Holmdel, NJ
01OCT2004 - Reading, PA
01OCT2005 - Atlantic City, NJ
03OCT2005 - Philadelphia, PA
27MAY2006 - Camden, NJ
01JUN2006 - East Rutherford, NJ
03JUN2006 - East Rutherford, NJ
30SEP2009 - Universal City, CA
09OCT2009 - San Diego, CA
06JUL2011 - Long Beach, CA (EV)
19JUL2013 - Wrigley Field, IL
21OCT2013 - Philadelphia, PA
22OCT2013 - Philadelphia, PA
27OCT2013 - Baltimore, MD
29APR2016 - Philadelphia, PA (TEN)
05AUG2016 - Fenway Park, MA
07AUG2016 - Fenway Park, MA
27AUG2016 - Dana Point, CA (EV)
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  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 134,570
    1.Amsterdam need to explain..The Cocaine show.

    2.Alpine 1-2..the mood in the whole weekend was unique...amazing feeling to party the 20 years of the band

    3.Athens 06..Eddie speak Greekglish...

    ill say Berlin 10 is a category alone...cos the whole day,and the feeling at everybody,was so intense..
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  • merileyjrmerileyjr New YorkPosts: 18
    1. Paris - 9-11-2006, best version of RVM ever
    2. Toronto - (oddly enough for me again) 9-11-2011, granted it was a greatest hits night it was still cool seeing Neil Young come out to play Rockin' in the Free World
    3. Philly - 10-27-09, first night of "closing the Spectrum" shows - Down with Mike Ness, Push me Pull me, 1/2full..... Plus incredible energy as Phillys beat Yankees 1-0 and Eddie keep bringing out a ring girl with score announcements

    hard to choose as any show could be a top three show :)
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    well I've only seen them 3x so I guess all of my shows. 8-) Wish I had 20- 50 shows on my resume' like some of you. :mrgreen: Jealous. :P

    I think Ed does a great Job of making the (majority) of the setlists fit the mood of the atmosphere and crowd.

    Houston 2000 Night 1 (Couldn't go to night 2) still pissed off at that actually.
    Anyhow, Night 1 had Long Road as the opener, and it was perfect.

    Dallas 2003: Alive as the opener, "arc" being performed

    Austin ACL 2009: Red mosquito (with Ben Harper), Mountain song (with Perry Ferrell), Present Tense, and then Ed Diving into the sewage mud bath we all had to encounter, and messing up his Devo t shirt. :mrgreen:
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    EV Solo: 7/11/11 11/12/12 11/13/12
  • Blind3Blind3 Posts: 1,149
    1. 1st show ever ...Trocadero Theater, Philly , 4/10/92 . Ed drops in less than TEN (how apropos for the time) feet from me.

    2. HOLY TOLEDO (Ohio) ! Vote for Change tour , 10/02/04 . Guest Appearances by Uncle Neil and Aunt Pegi Young and Peter Frampton during encore which included Harvest Moon , Act of Love, Cortez the Killer , All Along the Watch Tower , and Rockin' in the Free World . SPORTS ARENA

    From the Tour page : Toledo, Ohio Sat 2 October, 2004

    SET 1 :
    Long Road
    Hail, Hail
    Save You
    American In Me
    I Am Mine
    Better Man
    I Believe In Miracles
    Even Flow
    Bleed For Me

    Thumbing My Way
    Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
    Harvest Moon

    ENCORE 2
    All Along The Watchtower
    Act Of Love
    Cortez The Killer
    Rockin' in the Free World

    3. The Last Show at Philadelphia Spectrum on Halloween , 2009 . It had everything . What a set list . 41 songs plus two tags. I was Out of My Mind (fittingly) listening to Out of My Mind , Bugs, Sweet Lew , Rats, I'm Open, Whip It, Crown of Thorns, and 34 of their friends (and two tags) .

    SET 1
    Why Go
    Last Exit
    Severed Hand
    The Fixer
    Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
    You Are
    Amongst The Waves
    Even Flow
    Unthought Known
    Another Brick In The Wall
    Johnny Guitar
    I'm Open
    I Got Id
    Glorified G
    Out of My Mind
    Life Wasted

    ENCORE 1
    Just Breathe
    The End
    Low Light
    Speed of Sound
    Inside Job
    Spin The Black Circle

    ENCORE 2
    Whip It
    Got Some
    Crown Of Thorns
    Satan's Bed
    Sweet Lew
    Do The Evolution
    Better Man
    Save it for Later
    Rockin' In The Free World
    Yellow Ledbetter
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  • veddertownveddertown ScotlandPosts: 5,260
    Only six to choose and I feel like I'm not doing justice to the three I've left out but....

    1. Berlin 10 - The venue, the occasion, the fact that I travelled with no ticket in hand! Long Road, Push Me Pull,Pull Me, Immortality, Light Years, Low Light, Black, Comeback, Alive, YL. Amazing show?!

    2. Manchester 2, 12 - Great setlist, Go, I Am Mine, Wishlist, Daughter(WMA), Deep, Present Tense, Inside Job, Off He Goes, RVM, Hitchhiker, Sonic Reducer. Very fun night with a night 1 hangover!

    3. Belfast 10 - Another great setlist following a pretty safe one the night before in Dublin. Sometimes, Tremor Christ, No Way, Present Tense, Insignificance, RVM, SOLAT, Crazy Mary, Jeremy, Black, Leash. Brilliant view side stage up above Mike.
    Like a book among the many on a shelf...

    Dublin 02 Arena - 22/6/10. Belfast Odyssey Arena - 23/6/10. London Hyde Park - 25/6/10. Berlin Wuhlheide - 30/6/10.
    Manchester MEN - 20/06/12. Manchester MEN - 21/06/12
  • EraserheadEraserhead Stoke-on-TrentPosts: 2,585
    Toronto 1, 2011
    Opening with Long Road, Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns and UNCLE NEIL!!!

    Shepherds Bush, 2009
    Such a great show. About 6 rows back. Interstellar Overdrive/Corduroy, All Along the Watchtower. Epic.

    Adelaide, 2009
    Start of 4 shows I did in Oz. First time I heard Release live. Ben and Eddie doing Under Presure before PJ played. Brain Of J, No Way, In My Tree, Smile, Red Mosquito. Under-rated show!

    Close, but no cigar:
    MSG2 (2010), Berlin 2 (2012) and Oslo (2012).
    Manchester 04.06.00, Leeds 25.08.06, Wembley 18.06.07, Dusseldorf 21.06.07, Shepherds Bush 11.08.09, Manchester 17.08.09, Adelaide 17.11.09, Melbourne 20.11.09, Sydney 22.11.09, Brisbane 25.11.09, MSG1 20.05.10, MSG2 21.05.10, Dublin 22.06.10, Belfast 23.06.10, London 25.06.10, Long Beach 06.07.11 (EV), Los Angeles 08.07.11 (EV), Toronto 11.09.11, Toronto 12.09.11, Ottawa 14.09.11, Hamilton 14.09.11, Manchester 20.06.12, Manchester 21.06.12, Amsterdam 26.06.2012, Amsterdam 27.06.2012, Berlin 04.07.12, Berlin 05.07.12, Stockholm 07.07.12, Oslo 09.07.12, Copenhagen 10.07.12, Manchester 28.07.12 (EV), Brooklyn 18.10.13, Brooklyn 19.10.13, Philly 21.10.13, Philly 22.10.13, San Diego 21.11.13, LA 23.11.13, LA 24.11.13, Oakland 26.11.13, Portland 29.11.13, Spokane 30.11.13, Calgary 02.12.13, Vancouver 04.12.13, Seattle 06.12.13, Trieste 22.06.14, Vienna 25.06.14, Berlin 26.06.14, Stockholm 28.06.14, Leeds 08.07.14, Philly 28.04.16, Philly 28.04.16, MSG1 01.05.16, MSG2 02.05.16
  • 1st show - Va Beach, VA 1998. Played Rats for first time with Matt, the Black from this show is on Live on Two Legs, played No Way, and ended with Alive, Sonic Reducer, Porch with Ed shining the mirror across the crowd.

    2nd - PJ20 - the entire weekend. Had Tenclub tickets and was up close on night two. Proposed to my now wife while we were on this trip. The museum and everything was great.

    3rd - night 4 of The Spectrum shows. Don't need to say much that isn't already known. It was nice being the only person in my section who knew all the words to Out of My Mind. I still can't believe they played that.

    I'm sure Wrigley will surpass one of these shows. But it's gonna be hard to do.
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