PJ Wrigley Ticket ordering info!

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My friends and I are planing on going to Wrigley. As we all know, tickets go on sale tomorrow. PROBLEM we have is, we order tickets separately and we all sit separately. Now, does anybody know how the tickets are going to be sold. Are there options to pick what seating you would like?....or does the website just cycle through tickets and you have no options....? I am a very frustrated and confused individual. Please PEARL JAM nation...help a brother out!
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  • As my 5 yo says - you get what you get and you dont get upset.
    Sorry. The world doesn't work the way you tell it to.
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    You'll start in the virtual waiting room which takes a long time. Once you are picked, you're given an option of how many tix you want...1-6 tix. On the presale wed, I started w/4, never got anything, went to 2 and after 10 minutes of punching in my selection I was given an option for 2 tix in section 509...I threw those tix back and never was able to get a selection again...45 minutes of trying and 1 crappy pick! If you choose 4 or 6 and get in, grab em! they all should be together and it'll show you where they're located...Hopefully this helps :D The maximum number of tickets together at one shot is 6.
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    I just reread your post, are all of you planning on buying single tickets and hoping to be together?
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    Ive been lookin at other shows on tickets.com just to get familiar with the system.
    Good Luck. I got my room and flights just need seats
    B. Leo
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