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Hello all, been watching my kids are 20 like crazy. Missing some live PJ. I've seen Ed on this past solo but I gotta admit I'm really looking forward to any kinda US tour this year. Crazy to think its been since PJ20 for me since I seen the "band" live. Really needing some PJ as a whole in my life. Thank you Jack Irons/Joe Strummer....
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    I agree my sister is seven years older. Last Week I made her watch the "crown of thorns", on you tube. (over and over)
    It's her favorite song now. I freaking H8 Metallica, and that's what she thought they were like.
    I opened her eyes.

    She now knows It's DEEP. and I'm not the crazy kid sister anymore, she knows I play good stuff.
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    I am serious.
    If I do not go to a Pearl Jam show, it's very serious.
    I haven't been since 2003.

    Why deny the one thing I love? Even If I have tickets?

    Next Guy Must LOVE PJ. Maybe not as much, but willing to go?

    OR solo?
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    oh yes!
    danny d
  • yes please
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