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Been mulling this over for a long long time now and never really did much research on the subject...why haven't they played this since the one time back in '91?

Such a great song and they even put it on the Ten re-release a few years ago. Anyways....hopefully someone knows something. :corn:
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  • They played it for sure at their first show in 1990, not sure about that vancouver 1991 show listed here, that one does not circulate so impossible to say.. to answer your question: who knows? I knew Stone for some reason hated Brother but then they played it again a few times, though in a reworked version.. I was hoping the rerelease of ten would have given the band a motivation to play (Just a) Girl too, but that didn't happen unfortunately.. one of the more obscure and fascinating hard rock song they did, in my opinion.. maybe they simply don't want to bother learning to play the song again?

    oh, and what about Strangest Tribe? 0 times? and you played sweet lew live instead? you pussies :lol:
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    True..and yea sorry I meant '90. I think the beers have gotten to me, ha. But that's my point...they DID play it at the beginning when there was little to nothing else to play. And they never brought it back after the Ten re-release where they resurfaced it. I was lucky enough to see Brother in Chicago but it's always just been a headscratcher for me. I dig the song a lot and given how far they have come over the years I think it would be killer live.

    I thought there was a story I had missed.
    '08- Camden 1-2 '09- Chicago 2; Spectrum 1-4
    '10- MSG 1-2 '11- PJ20
    '12- MIA; DeLuna '13- Wrigley; Pitt; Brooklyn 1-2; Philly 1-2; Baltimore; Seattle
  • there's just no apparent reason, but with this band, you can never know.. they might play it at one of the next south american shows.. and some of the early shows never surfaced anyway, so there's a slight possibility they played it more than once (but I doubt it).. At least, there's video available for that first show
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    I hope for Just A Girl and 2000 Mile Blues to get played someday too. :P I really love those two songs! :mrgreen:
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