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I attended my grandmother's funeral yesterday. This is the first person in my life that I have been close with to pass away. Today I found out my grandfather is in the ICU and may not make it past the next 24 hours.

I remember an article with Eddie explaining the meaning of this song and how it was written after he left a friend's funeral. He mentioned it was written as a reminder to hold on to that feeling after you leave a funeral that life is short and that we need to live it to it's fullest.

I just wanted to share that this song has really inspired me in the last few days. Hopefully it has and will do the same for others in the future.
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    So sorry for your loss. It is definitely difficult to lose a loved one. My grandfather's funeral was just last week and I too found many pj songs to be comforting and/or inspiring in the intensely emotional time before and after the funeral. Music speaks to our heart, especially pj. Glad you found inspiration in life wasted. It is a fantastic song.
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  • Thanks for the kind words Jen.
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    so sorry for your loss
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    Life wasted, I faced it...never going back again. Wow...right on.

    Sorry about you losing your Grammy, unfortunately it sucks every fucking time and lingers on and on...

    Ed nailed it on this one for sure. For me it's Save You. That song could be about my Dad.
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    Very sorry for your loss. Be well.
    Peace, Love.


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