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Please sell the 2012 tour hat in the grey/navy blue PLEASE
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    I sold my hat
  • STAYSEA wrote:
    I sold my hat

    Me too. I sold my flexfit hipster PJ20 hat that I bought at Alpine, only because it was fucking pouring and my other one got soaked.
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    I agree. Would love some cool new hats to buy. Would also like to see a new winter stocking hat that has the ball of thread on top, very similar that you see players from NFL teams wearing on the sidelines. I think that would be a pretty cool PJ themed.
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    I'd like hats without those flat brims. If they could get 47Twins fitted, that'd be awesome.
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    I really liked that Brimmed Beanie!
    I only sold it cause the 10 Clubber lost his/hers, and I really didn't wear it as much as my QuickSilver one.

    I'm hoping Jeff Ament gets some free time.

    I'm not a Trucker Hat fan...
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