Next Canadian tour.

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Hey you fuckers.

I'm throwing it out there. There seems to be a select few of you that I've come across in my short time posting and long time reading around here. If and when Pearl Jam ever tours Canada, you fuckers have to come to Canada and we are gonna get shitfaced, the Canadian way, on real beer.

You seem like a bunch of fun fuckers and I want in your little fraternity you have. I'm new around here but can honestly say I've been a fan Of this fucking band since 1991. First CD I ever bought was TEN, I remember the day I took the Poison poster off the wall and hung up the TEN CD jacket in its place.

Anyhow, you fuckers are crazy passionate about this band, I am too and maybe more so in some levels but who the fuck knows cause we don't know each other.

That's it, I got chicken wings in the oven. Hope to connect with some of you fuckers in the future.
Bring some American Copenhagen
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Drop the Leash...Get outta' my fuckin' face


    Sounds fuckin awesome!
    Can't wait to hang with some real fuckin Canadians!
    Just waitin for the fuckin announcement......
    Fuck yeah!!!!!!
    Love is all you need.....
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    I really enjoyed doing 4 shows on the Canadian tour in 2011 - would love to go back! :)
    Manchester 04.06.00, Leeds Festival 25.08.06, Wembley Arena 18.06.07, Dusseldorf 21.06.07, Shepherds Bush 11.08.09, Manchester 17.08.09, Adelaide 17.11.09, Melbourne 20.11.09, Sydney 22.11.09, Brisbane 25.11.09, MSG1 20.05.10, MSG2 21.05.10, Dublin 22.06.10, Belfast 23.06.10, London 25.06.10, Long Beach 06.07.11 (EV), Los Angeles 08.07.11 (EV), Toronto 11.09.11, Toronto 12.09.11, Ottawa 14.09.11, Hamilton 14.09.11
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