beautiful picnic

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take you by the hand
off and goin to tall grass
purple little flowers
yellows & reds dancing with each wind

we'll sit in grasses
i'll have my guitar
arms around each other
your scent calling
news is huge birds they annouce

waves below crashing smashing rocks
i know you are mine
i yours

grasses emerald and golden brown behind your shine
my stuff a curly ragged mess
rough beard your hands on my face
stealing kisses
stealing kisses

picnic basket & your little blanket
with us where we been with us
down each time
up and again opened treats
such a smile
i just wanna eat you up
heat you up
i just wanna eat you up
heat you up
just wanna eat you up
heat you up
like never before

it is in these grasses
lying down tall sky above
certain branches overhead recall our story
they tell it on the wind for you
they whisper for alright everything
it is around our world

and so a lonely songbird
like never before and as timid
shits directly on your picnic basket

for poetry through the ceiling. ISBN: 1 4241 8840 7

"Hear me, my chiefs!
I am tired; my heart is
sick and sad. From where
the sun stands I will fight
no more forever."

Chief Joseph - Nez Perce
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  • donnaruhldonnaruhl Posts: 2,129
    Carry on, Chadwick.Carry on! It was deffinately you, once the shit hit the basket
  • justamjustam Posts: 21,260
    This is a good one in your old style. :thumbup:
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