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energy field help,
actual physical help,
inspirational help too
partnerships, friendships, guidance
hands to hold!

two create more
find the right people for doing and creating
and the results multiply
the whole positive impact is bigger
and the whole process is quicker
easier, better!

I started writing to help someone else
but it has become something that helps me
it helps me remember what I discover
hammering away at my own rock
melting to drip through a stone
sanding down to a discovery of some slight crystal
to keep me from forgetting the hard-won understanding,
I need to write it down

the other day I discovered
what that spark I heard led to
I heard the new news.
It was true!
the piece about proximity to love
living in the field of love,
it pulls and draws us wide
creating a larger circle of spirit
and that's why partnerships matter

it's not only what we can see,
it's not only what we commonly notice,
it's more!
it's the energy amplification
the growth that occurs

what I don't want is a place where I can't speak
or where I can't share my point of view honestly
no, there has to be room!
we've all got to find the best team
and write our part of today's story
and sing our part of tomorrow's song
and play our games with a helpful team
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