Anyone received their PJ20 3 Disc Blu Ray yet?

dougmoosedougmoose Posts: 19
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Hi there,

I'm in Canada and still haven't received my PJ20 3 Disc Blu Ray yet ? I got an email Nov. 4th. saying it was shipped but nothing yet. Just wondering if that's the case with everyone or if I should be looking into this.

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  • boyo79boyo79 Warrington, UKPosts: 5,858
    Apparently that email was sent in error. The discs were shipped on 21st Nov.
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  • mrussel1mrussel1 Posts: 223
    I got mine in then mail on Sat. I live in Virginia. It was a surprise.
  • jeff2040jeff2040 Posts: 740
    I got mine last week in Iowa
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  • demetriosdemetrios CanadaPosts: 31,070
    Not yet here in Nova Scotia.
  • whispering handswhispering hands Colorado Springs for nowPosts: 5,328
    Stillwaiting in Colorado Springs......
    I do believe I'm ill conceived on this concept......
  • Arrived in Maine last week ;)
  • F5AgainstOneF5AgainstOne New Hampshire, USAPosts: 1,452
    Got mine last week in NH
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  • rpech'erpech'e Posts: 1,080
    A week ago Saturday in Minnesota
  • southernmanfansouthernmanfan Johannesburg, South AfricaPosts: 686
    Do not expect to get mine here in South Africa until the new year....i.e.2014 :lol:
  • adusickadusick Posts: 723
    rpech'e" said:
    A week ago Saturday in Minnesota
    Damn, still waitin' in Minneapolis :?
  • deftonesdeftones Thessaloniki, GreecePosts: 1,793
    Anyone got it in Europe yet?
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  • PJ_SoulPJ_Soul Vancouver, BCPosts: 16,702
    Nope, I haven't received my DVD yet.
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  • I got mine from Amazon two days ago
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  • Today in Toronto from amazon
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  • I got the shipping email over a month ago too and had nothing yet, seems tenclub have some issues with those shipping confirmation emails! I received two deliveries over a week ago for separate tenclub orders and today two emails came through from TC saying these have now shipped, bit late considering I got the goods last week lol.

    Hopefully the blurays will show up soon
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  • timctimc Posts: 663
    Got mine today!
  • Nothing in BC :(
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  • Thanks for the responses everyone. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't just me ;)
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