This little story put a smile on my face.

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Good for her!!!
Good for her parents!!
Free Boston Lou!!!!
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    Good for that little girl!

    Until somebody has actually lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off, they will never understand how hard it really is.
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    Hell yeah!

    Now if we could all just put the video games down or shut of Dancing with the Stars for 30 minutes and get a little exercise, things would be ALOT BETTER!!

    Good work, Ms. Bond!!
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    Interesting story. I'll have to read it during lunch.

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    Been there done that...
    more education is needed on top of much more understanding.

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    no child should have to work out 75 mins a day in order to lose weight ... there's a lot more to this story and the obesity rates ... but in the interests of not poo pooing what this girl has done and to avoid the conversation with DS ... i'll just say - well done breanna ...
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