Free Handbill from Ed solo 2008

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Just moved and realized I have a few extra copies from his solo show in 2008.

What a great bunch of shows when Ed was literally nervous on stage. Blackbird in montreal is a night I will never forget!!!!!!

First person to pm that was at one of these shows gets this.
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This too shall pass.....


  • 5against1-5against1- Posts: 1,101
    Close her down.

    See y'all in DC tomorrow really excited about this show
    This too shall pass.....
  • dang. thanks for the opportunity. enjoy the show
  • 5against1-5against1- Posts: 1,101
    found another bump.

    pm if interested...
    This too shall pass.....
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    I got it in the mail last night (just as I was on my way out the door for the RNDM show)!

    Thanks again.
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    Just sent you a pm.

    Thanks for the chance, I'm headed to see Ed in Jax next weekend and I can't wait!!
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