Watching you

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Watching you

your inner boxer
prancing around
like nobody’s pink tutu
fit over it in any
way shape or form
but it springs up anyway
despite attempts
to dance it off
rip it off, f*ck it off
“still crazy after all these years”
to watch you
and let your magic
make us wet
make us breathe
like a lone wolf
heavily in and out
and on the move
your pounce
your bounce
does it every time
stiff, yeah we bet
and crinkled
and cramped
and spiteful spitting
in most delicious ways
til we all want some
you can’t help
your own infectious
sexual perfection
a delectation piping hot
with the right sauce
fighting off the ghost
that possesses your ass
like you gotta box it off
to get it off, to get it off
or else it will kill you
the way it’s doing us in
Into the Wild Things
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