Soundgarden Songs (Tabs) That Are Near Standard Tuning

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So, inspired by the current tour, I've been TRYING (i mean, a lot of SG is HARD AS FUCK - for me) to learn some of the more rockin SG songs.

Unfortunately (and i already knew this) ... a shit ton of the tunes are in fucked-dumb tunings ... like EEEEEE or some othe completely detuned BS.

I don't care to retune my guitar, break strings, and retune again.

So far, I've got
Switch Opens
Room A Thousand Years Wide

Any comments on other songs that are CLOSE to standard tuning ... (ie. Drop D, double Drop D, or similar) and comments on playing them would be great.


Fucking goddamn, Chris Cornell is an asshole for making it so hard to play his songs.
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    More to Come....

    911 tabs too.
    (back in the day it was OLGA, remember that one? lol)

    but i'm looking for peeps who KNOW SG songs to chime in and help me out.
    i've opened about 15 tabs, and they are all in fucked tunings.
    someone has to know WHICH ones aren't fucked.
    If I was to smile and I held out my hand
    If I opened it now would you not understand?
  • If I remember rightly Black Hole Sun's in Drop D... and pretty easy too. So are Nothing To Say, Flower, Jesus Christ Pose, Spoonman, Head Down and The Day I Tried To Live just to name a few of the top of my head.
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    So I googled what soundgarden songs used drop d and came across this thread on google. This is the first time I've laughed out loud in a while. They do have some fucked tunings! Thanks guys for accidentally making me smile during this shitty time. Rest In Peace Chris...
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