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  • Thanks very much for everyone's help, thats great. All my music is still on my parents computer back home but i have moved twice, and have only this week managed to get a pc into my own abode so will need to get this sorted. Thanks again.
  • I dont use it but so many people i knows lives come to a standstill when hotmail goes down lol
    in hotmail Comment by stu gee February 2008
  • Thats mine, i dont really use it much other than for music/gig updates and stuff.
  • I can only get into it sometimes at the moment, one time there was a message from that guy tom saying that there had been power problems in LA due to the weather and that had been screwing up myspace. One of my friends says a lot of her stuff on her…
  • Far too many to type them all and some are probably not suitable for public forum conversation but one i remember a couple years ago. Going for a walk in the woods very late at night very drunk and very naked. The females in the group only stripped …
  • The story of Karen Matthews trying to fake the kidnap of her daughter was very sad obviously, but some of the stories about the people she got to help her with the plot are quite funny, particularly about this halfwit Donovan. Saw this in the paper …
  • Glasgow, Scotland (third one down is the view from my old flat)…
  • pjoasisrule wrote: No kidding, you can never post a funny story on here like that without a whole bunch of people getting really upset about it..........its one of my pet peeves with this forum Agreed!!! Christ sake, people are so uptight. …
  • Nicky Walker, Maryhull boy borne and bread.
  • My friend arguing with me in the pub last night that she knew it was Tom Jones who did the voice of chef in South Park. I was crying with laughter at her seriousness.
  • Guy next to me in my team at work was speaking to a guy who's name came up on the screen yesterday as Dipesh Moad. Excellent.
  • Carribean Queen by the great Billy Ocean 3/11/84
  • Jearlpam0925 wrote: You guys have "breaking news" for divorces and presumably dancing shows?....Yeah...and we're the freaks. Exactly, i am doing Dunk's argument no favours.
  • Is russell brand not in the US now? Thank fuck, although he'd be better placed on the moon. I saw the 'breaking news' on bbc news in work today about the divorce and have to say i was almost as traumatised as i was at yesterday's 'breaking news' …
  • I think the hand of god goal is funny, and enjoy watching England teams get pumped, even though i have nothing personally against English people. However, i found the interviews with grown Scottish men in Church of Maradona t-shirts saying how they …
  • The other scam i see quite a lot, and one i came accross quite a lot when flathunting, was the person asking you to pay money to someone through western union, then scan the details and send them through to them, just so that they knew you were seri…
  • Im in the middle, surprisingly sober looking compared to my friends.
  • Could never be bothered any drink that takes longer than 5 seconds to prepare.
  • The funniest thing to come out of it for me was a conversation i heard between 2 guys sitting next to me in the work canteen while i sat reading the paper, one of them obviously not being as clued up on the story as the other apparently. I think it …
  • That whole brand and ross thing was blown out of proportion, but i dont understand how anyone can interperet anything those two complete tadgers come out with as 'jokes'. Ross is bearable but Brand; what a talentless waste of time he is.
  • Heineken Helen wrote: I guess there are many dads who would have this rule if they thought they could get away with it If it's the kids decision for whatever reason though... well, fuck it, I'm a dirty slut... who am I to judge? Yeah I…
  • I watched that virgin daughters programme on tv a while back and all the fathers were trying to get their daughters to save their first kiss for marriage. One of them ended up getting pregnant though which must have been fun breaking the news to her…
  • You cant send mms but you can send via email. I hate the iphone though, i work in technical support for it and think its an awful piece of equipment!!
  • Wondered what on earth this thread was going to be about when i saw it first.
  • I think if you feel strongly enough to make a concious descision not to come on a message board, and start a thread about it, you are taking it too seriously. Just my opinion.
  • Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas should be hung for My Humps alone.
  • Get_Right wrote: steven segal ben affleck sly stallone wiliam shatner arnold schwarzenegger I think Ben Affleck's quite good in Boiler Room and Good Will Hunting actually. I dont think Arnie would even consider himself a good actor b…
  • Robert De Niro Daniel Day Lewis (always have to be careful not to type Darren Day) Robert Carlyle Al Pacino Christopher Walken These are all among my favourites but i think Jack Nicholson is my favourite overall.
  • Judge Reinhold. Jesus christ he is awful, how he ever got anywhere in life ill ever know. I remember seeing him in a film that seemed to be about 4 hours long where he was a passenger in a car that's accelerator got stuck down, and it was probably t…
  • Money and drugs, nothing that weird.