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  • Maybe im being dumb here or missing something. Ive been a member for a couple years now and never got a shirt. Do they need to be purchased or is it part of the membership?  Edit: update, nevermind i found it. im the cheaper level member. Gotta up …
  • They must of changed the routings or something too. Cause I have to log in now each time to view the forum and that only started around 2pm eastern time today. Around the same time the thread got locked. Up until then I could just go to the forum wi…
  • I gotta get back to work. Got nothing done today. lol. Guess i'll just wait for the email. I'm guessing we wont hear anything until Monday. The home shows tab keeps going in and out for me as well depending upon the page.
  • Lots of vacation this year and cant wait to hear an announcement. Between this thread and endless Falcon Heavy delays its been an exciting few weeks of anticipation.
  • I was looking on stub hub for the philly 2 show. I counted up all the tix for sale at that time. It was just over 400. Which is approximately 1/6th of the seating capacity. I wanted to count up the other shows and figure out them ratios too but I wa…
  • I had three sets of seats for the forum show in LA but I let them all go. I could not consciously resell that at a profit. Too bad I live in NY. Ugh this is so aggravating.
  • Ugh WTF lost both picks. So pissed right now.
  • I feel like I'm going to throw up. The suspense is killing me. Not really, but feels like it. I did philly 1 and NYC 2. Prolly should of switched em. Oh well. Hopin for anything.
  • I got 4 tix and my wife got 2. We needed 6 and there was a 5 ticket limit. So one couple will have to sit separately. After she paid she went back in out of curiosity for 2 tix at 12:11 and it said no more seats available. Leads me to believe it sol…
  • I'll be there both nights and staying at holiday inn right by arena. Got night 2 reserved, just gotta get night 1 at the on sale tomorrow. I got GA for night one and we are staying at the holiday inn as well thursday night. Friday i need to get t…
  • I was just talking about this the other day to my wife. All the new music that i have bought has been pearl jam side projects. tres mountain, RNDM, Wellwater Conspiracy ect ect and even Hater. I feel myself settling for that type and style of music …
  • Looking to buy 4 Philly night 2 GA.
  • In for both nights. Hoping for lottery for night one. I'll buy online for night two as there will be 4 of us.
  • I'm in the philly lottery for night one. Withdrew for the second night as there will be 4 of us for the second night. Coming down from Syracuse Ny. Went to the 2013 night one in philly and it was awesome. Wife and i said we where doing both nights n…
  • How can some of these sites have tix for sale but technically they dont go on sale to the public til the 29th? When i search for Wells Fargo center there are two different sites associated with them where you can pick your seats and buy tix.
  • Just put in for my lottery tickets for both Philly shows. This is the first year i'm a club member so fingers crossed.