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  • stargirl69 wrote: Bill Hicks a still relevant genius,take out the drugs reference and replace with the sucking of the corporate cock Nearly 20 years dead and he still hits the nail on the he…
  • I was drawn to PJ at the start because I was an idealistic young man, and because they played some amazing music. I agreed with most of what they believed in (or vice versa, if you want). Over the years I have seen this band (especially Vedder) slow…
  • Jason P wrote: frazba wrote: The Guardian is actually famous for being a left leaning newspaper, quite the opposite from what you're suggesting. Criticising Romney's every step makes perfect sense. The site needs to add a sarcasm smiley. …
  • Dr Feelgood, a huge influence on the early London punk scene, just brilliant
  • Point...?[/quote] The Guardian has always had a pro-american ... and especially pro-republican ... demeanor to their organization. To find out they are specifically following Romney to criticize his every step just doesn't make sense. :fp:[/quo…
  • Fifi_Ireland wrote: I dont disagree with you but here in Ireland there arent guns and I made the point in my first point someone went to a gig and stabbed 9 people, sure none of them died but its still crazy. I'm pretty sure we're on the same wav…
  • Byrnzie wrote: Sympathy for Aurora's victims should not stop us addressing the fact that more than 84 people are shot to death daily in the US '…
  • WaveRyder wrote: Interesting. But I wouldn't say pj's music is secondary Where does it say that?
  • Sorry Hugh!!! I only ever purged once, about 20 years ago when I was even more skint than I am now, I sold about 300 LP's (all vinyl) to my local indie record emporium for virtually nothing. I regret it to this day, honestly. Your tastes don't…
  • Sad news indeed.
  • No mention of CRB? and Dexys Patti Smith or Lambchop the only ones I've pre ordered are James Yorkston - I was a cat from a book and Karine Polwart - Traces, both out on Aug 13th, both wonderful Scottish singer/songwriters
  • perfectlefts14 wrote: neilybabes86 wrote: perfectlefts14 wrote: Beautiful pass for a great goal! Keep it up Spain. ahhhhhhh shut up :fp: we're in trouble There's still a whole half to be played.......can't count It…
  • Personally I'm delighted to see any of it, my Sky+ is running, I do find it frustrating that the presenters are talking when you can hear PJ in the background though.
  • Happy Birthday to the nicest, kindest person I've never met. Thanks a million again hen.
  • Galway would be nice, anywhere in Ireland will do though. Thanks Dimi
  • Game postponed for an hour because of torrential rain and thunder
  • Digital Twilight wrote: Ireland have been the worst team and haven't learnt from their mistakes. Maybe so, but the Spanish are comfortably the best team I've seen in the competition, and that performance was different class. There are ver…
  • stargirl69 wrote: Black Sabbath day \m/ I've gone all Frank Black Francis Pixies today, cheers Veddertown
  • Today was Neu! and Kraftwerk. I seem to have gone all Germanic
  • BinFrog wrote: and Nice choices Another classic
  • Sadly, it seems that we're the only three showing any interest in this. Where is everyone else?
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  • As I suspected it would, this has rapidly become my album of the year so far, I suppose it helps that I'm feeling kind of pissed off and lethargic though. Not really an up and at 'em kind of record! Just fantastic nonetheless. You won't regret it G…
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  • Downloaded the album yesterday, the vinyl should be here today. It is a bit Sparklehorsey (Is that a word?), almost entirely just piano and voice, very sparse but absolutely wonderful. I always loved The Blue Nile and this is just as good as anythin…
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  • .
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  • A bit disappointed with the responses though I don't suppose there are many people outside the UK/Ireland who know who he is and how big an influence he had on the UK music scene, especially in the eighties.
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  • In case you missed it.
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  • [/quote] pink floyd the wall. columbia 1979 with 2 printed inner sleeves. no post cards though. [/quote] Don't remember this ever coming with postcards, I have 2 copies at the moment (one is scratched to hell) and have gone through abou…
  • scousesubmariner wrote: IMO the best PF Album has to be Animals, it has some of David Gilmours best guitar work on it (Dogs) and whilst i love DSOTM and WYWH i think animals is the true last of the Pink Floyd sound. Recently i got myself a copy o…