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  • MasterFramer wrote: For whatever reason they choose to keep everything "in the fam" which means friend of the band gets to design web page and probably is not the most qualified. We all know they can afford a proper IT staff, at least seasonally w…
  • wait list? nice. real nice. As a web developer I get alittle ticked off when a little bit of good programming could have leveled the playing field by allowing there to be a waitlist as part of the websites "goods" section.. ya know. when the inve…
  • I, like many others here, am going to say "i didnt want to post here... but...", The topic was too tempting... I love the blame bush crowd, they make such interesting arguments... "There is a reduction in US cases of Aids amonst gay men, and and Geo…
  • I have a good Job. I make more money than I reasonably need to get by. But when I saw the prices just now, I was pretty shocked. I wasnt planning on going to any East Coast Shows anyway, but this after the Poster books which were way too exspensive.…
  • this is awesome. I really hope I score tix. If I don't, Im willing to trade posters, or trade a place to sleep to anyone who take me with (plus ill pay for my ticket). Really! It's a short 8 block walk, and my very well stocked bar will be open t…