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  • I have 4 tickets in Sect 345. I know they arent glamorous seats, but its guaranteed that your gonna have a blast regardless.  Im very bummed i cant go. Plan B is unfortunately this route...Just looking to get my money back. Face value. Id rather sel…
  • BizzzyBozzzy said: Looking for Seattle GA, both nights. 1 or 2 tickets, either way. Already have a flight to Seattle, just need tickets! Thanks! I have 4  ten club seats all together to Seattle Aug 8th.  So bummed, but I have to sell th…
  • JOEJOEJOE wrote: Ticket socialism...the conservatives here ain't gonna like this! HAHAHAHAA!! Such a great post.
  • When I first wrote this post I was just trying to vent a little, now it feels like many of us are all in agreement. Not sure if it will catch on, but after 1000 plus views, this is obviously a topic fans really care about. Check out the Seat it Forw…
  • Mikee J wrote: dwhiskeyd wrote: HAHA! No worries on the photo taking. That was just one more asshole thing I could think of to add at the end. You promised.... that was 3 minutes, not 3 years! Good post BTW... Busted.....
  • HAHA! No worries on the photo taking. That was just one more asshole thing I could think of to add at the end.
  • If someone gets a hold of McGregors ahead of time and tells them the deal, they would probably section off a part of the bar for the Pre-Party. Beer specials suck there though. Pitchers are way to expensive. Maybe they would do a decent happy hour…
  • What about having a huge tailgate/bbq type thing at the trolley stop in the Quallcomm Stadium parking lot starting from 3pm-on. That way everyone can bring their own booze, bbq grill, and food and we can all hang out then take the trolley to SDSU. M…
  • Thanks a lot for the info. Pikes Brewery sounds awesome, along with all the other suggestions. I really appreciate it!
  • tcaporale wrote: Well, they originally were going to call the album Times New Roman... That was awesome. Best album name I have heard yet.
  • SImple solution: Go back to General Admission/standing room only. Problem solved. 30-40yr olds don't mosh anymore, or rush the stage. And if they do, they end up on sick leave from work for throwing out their backs.
  • Ahh Christ...I don't remember seeing anything that says you are "guaranteed tickets to any show for being in the 10club" in the fine print of the 10club rules. You get first crack at them, if it doesn't happen then you fall in line with TM just like…
  • dwhiskeyd + best friend.
  • Thank god, for a minute I didn't think I was gonna be able to get them. Seriously, so relieved, and so excited at the same time!
  • Nug wrote: So why then? If GW could run again, I would vote for him. Rudy is the next best thing. Give me 5 reasons for why you believe that George W. Bush is a strong leader, and a worthy president. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M…
  • CitizenRick wrote: That's cool...but tell him and the Green Party to stay home this time. Nothing against them...but we need to get the Republican party out of office this time and all the Green Party does at this point is take the Democrats' vote…
  • what number are you in the ten club? Only reason I ask is that it might give others an idea of where their seats might be for the tour.