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  • Tora74 wrote: This is easy!!! Just put on Live on Two Legs and your are set for rest of the day Of course you may also want to add in Live on Ten Legs for it is also so awesome PEACE!!! and then press repeat you´d be settled for th…
  • 2 nights later mind´s still buzzing... random fragments of the show pop into my head, if they´ve ever left at all!! Release - puts shivers down my spine, Got some - gets me fired up, RVM - freakin´amazing :shock: , SOLAT ready to go, Dissident -…
  • Joostone wrote: ThunbingHisWay wrote: I just don't know where to begin... The 2 Amsterdam shows will go in to (my) historybook as the ultimate experience I could have asked for as a devoted fan.. Living in Amsterdam and having Pearl Jam …
  • DriftingByTheStorm wrote: charper wrote: endulging in family life? Cheers! is that code for smoking mad dank ganj? cheers! PS - Drifting HIGHLY (haha, get it?) recommends the following two strains above all others: G13-Haze (from…
  • hey there, not so much a frequent Amsterdam (and nightlife) visitor, but I will be at the A´dam 2 concert. Anyone looking for a place to stay, in a quaint Dutch city, endulging in family life? It´s only a 45 minutes commute to the Ziggo Dome, 16 eur…