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  • The funny thing about all of this is that I don’t know if I’m going to partecipate. I found 244 $ for two seats outrageous, really? I know we all love PJ but that’s a lot of money for a family, come on PJ you can be better than this! Wher…
  • They haven’t told me I just had to log out and log in again and the option to partecipate was there while before I had nothing but the news. It looks like you are having a different issue though. 
  • I have the problem sorted out from the ticket support. It’s all working now, if you guys still have this problem I suggest to contact [email protected] they will get back to you.   Thanks every one and good luck!
  • I'm having problem to participate to the European ticket pre-sale drawing as well.When I log in and I go tho the ticket tab as per instructions I see only "member news", I can't  l find any of the option to accept the conditions and I can't move for…
  • LianeFitz said: I am having the same problem, but I only upgraded my free membership to a paid membership yesterday (nov 30th), so I assumed I was outside the time limit! Hopefully it will be resolved soon!!  You should be good to go your memb…