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  • Looks like there have been some lively debates in this thread... I have more run of the mill question (and sorry in advance if I missed a prior post about this) -- are the bonus live tracks with order of RNDM CD still available? I still see them li…
  • Came late to the Tres Mts party here, and trying to track down these iTunes exclusive tracks -- Every Dream Home A Heartache (the RM cover) & I Smoke. Anyone know where I could find these now? Not in Tenclub shop and not on iTunes or anywhe…
  • OK, I'm just getting around to picking up Tres Mts, does anyone know if you still get the 2 bonus tracks if you purchase the CD from the 10C? Or were those pre-order only? Anywhere else I can snag those? thanks
  • +1! I know I had my chance and missed out, but doing another run of limited edition items is not unprecedented and I really hope 10c will do this. I really had my heart set on the deluxe blu-ray edition and at this point am holding off on gettin…
  • Late last night I got an email confirmation for my ticket purchase, so it looks like it went through. If you got as far as submitting your order, there may be hope.
  • I see the store is down with a message that they will try sale again at 10AM PST -- is that tomorrow 5/26 or is that an old post meaning today? I still want to know if any of my attempts from today actually went through -- during the Alpine meltd…
  • I just tried again, entered my cc info and submitted, and it shot me back to Step 1 of 3 on the order page. I hope I get my tickets and only get charged once if I do! :(