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  • so ... basically IE isn't starting ... internet connection is up, but it's your browser that's bothering you...? try a ping to http://www.whatever.something from the command line to see if your connection works. if so, reinstall IE as mention…
  • mrwalkerb wrote: ok I played around a bit and think I have it, it's uploading but not very fast, although I think that is more because nobody wants anything at this instant. is it possible that it's still like filtering some out or does that fact …
  • mrwalkerb wrote: uh is this going to be worth $30? probably not... but if you give us a more accurate description of the problem and equipment used... I can't stress enough that you cannot give too much information when asking for help …
  • Jeanie wrote: Cool edit is my favorite. I ² that We used Cool Edit Pro in college and it's easy to use as well as it is pretty versatile You could try eliminating certain frequencies and isolating certain parts. I'm pretty sure you could…
  • PearlJamaholic wrote: ive only installed it 3 times cause i thought id give firefox a chance and i hated it right away and got rid of it. this time im giving it a fair chance and really messing with it but its still not convincing me. most of…
  • DarkStar wrote: well...there is thermal grease between the heatsink/fan and the processor. the thermal grease assists with heat transfer between the processor and heat sink. when you removed the heatsink/fan to clean up the dust, did you clean o…
  • McAffee Enterprise is pretty good So is bitdefender, and it's pretty cheap (read: free)
  • Never mind somebody already told me how to do it. You can make PKCS#12 backups from a certificate using firefox ! Then you can import them into thunderbird. this can be closed, I suppose
  • I tend to use adobe encore, that's what we use at college as well
  • Lizard wrote: I THOUGHT IF YOU HELD DOWN THE SHIFT MANUALLY IT WORKED. Here I will do with it locked: DOES IT WORK???? i will see.......... As a matter of fact... caps lock or manual shift doesn't make a difference as the text is on…
  • Rygar wrote: When you boot your computer do you get your bios screen showing up at least? edit - before the black screen, naturally... Of course ... OS loading begins only after BIOS has run and passed all tests. Actually, the reset-cd…
  • yellowled24 wrote: didnt know you could do that, cheers!! just make sure you don't pop 'em off all at the same time only to get them mixed up and being left without a clue of what's supposed to be what Seriously, I've seen it happen to pe…
  • yippie ! Passed CCNA3 now let's tackle 4
  • OK, cool I've got my final and skills exam tomorrow, should do allright. Got through both CCNA 1 & 2 with +85% scores Thanks
  • off_the_record wrote: iTunes does it Which is hy I asked what player he uses
  • facepollution wrote: I tried that one and it would only let me convert 3 songs, then wanted me to pay.....thank you for the suggestion though. hmmm, maybe I DID have the less legal version ... What player do you use?
  • http://www.mp3-cd-converter.com/convert_mp3/free_convert_m4a_to_mp3.html try this one simple, yet effective
  • Check out VLC player http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ it's pretty good, use it too
  • The first few promotions are easily earned... after that, a better title will cost more effort and posts kind of an exponential rise
  • corduroy41 wrote: We're talking about computers here, not fashion statements. LMFAO but kind of true
    in Pooh Comment by Jamal April 2007
  • brink wrote: Only if you converted it to mp3. Rapidshare has a 100meg limit to file uploads... a CD rip in .wav format would be 640megs or so. Flac might reduce it some, but not much. What about ziping or rarring over separate archives...?
  • something like rapidshare.com or megaupload ?
  • Probably not.... maybe try calling microsoft if it doesn't work... OR -> try some open-source (and thus free) OS, like let's say Linux j/k
  • Byrnzie wrote: Edit: Oh, and thanks for the nudge to the mods. Appreciated! :rolleyes: I was just wondering ... Wasn't sure srry
  • Byrnzie wrote: This is because you were running the trial version. Just download the crack/serial number from astalavista.us Can we openly say stuff like that on these boards? Wow, ... not many bbs' allow this
  • I use CoolEdit pro, aka Adobe Audition these days It's what we use in school, so ...
  • Don't get tempted to log in as the root user everytime... bad habit ... For the rest... remember that linux, unlike windows, assumes you have a functional brain, and does not need 357 acknowledgements to execute a command. Be careful when deletin…
    in LInux? Comment by Jamal March 2007
  • I guess that right has been reserved for mods and the sysadmin ... It's quite normal on BB's.
  • Lizardjam wrote: McAfee isn't decent? I like it. Lots of Vista dislikers here eh? I love it so far. Been using it since sometime last year and I only crashed once, in the beginning. McAfee is pretty decent, but I prefer its russian co…
  • enharmonic wrote: The board teels me that I have 65,535 messages in my PM. This is some kind of bug. I sent both mods a message about it, but heard nothing. Is anyone else getting the 65,535 message? Might be a db problem... in which case …