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  • to be honest i'd get the verbatims, they are probably the best DL discs ive used, and ive also had bad experiences with the memorex discs in the bast, and i usually burn either 2x or 4x on most backups
  • I'd Recommend AVG for my anti virus scanner, i use it myself and its pretty good http://free.grisoft.com/doc/2/ and for your startup (i'm assuming you're using Windows), check out this guide, it will talk you through about disabling all the cr…
  • first thing you should do, is go to 'My Computer', then right click on the drive, then click on 'Properties', it should tell you the model info about your drive, if you can post the model here, i can help you out a lot more. looking at what you p…
  • just googled it and apparently its an itunes problem, its mentions that you might not have permissions to do that (might mean you cant backup stuff youve got from the iTunes Store) i backed up my library the other day by using nero burning rom…
  • if your just editing simple music files try audacity , its 100% free http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/
  • i prefer AVG because the free edition is pretty good ive heard NOD is pretty good too
  • you could probably use something like Avidemux http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/ or virtualdub http://www.virtualdub.org/ the good thing about them both is that they are free
  • try 7-Zip its 100 % free and handles Rars and Zips too http://www.7-zip.org/
  • i get mine from svp.co.uk you can pick up Taiyo Yudens from there, but i think that Verbatims are just as good to be honest as they use the same disc dye and they are a lot easier to get over here Verbatims: http://svp.co.uk/products-list.php…
  • Ms. Haiku wrote: My little book references GarageBand2, but I would still need to use Audacity or Peak for editing. I need a mic/what captures the sound/what edits the sound/what uploads the sound. Is that basically the way to look at it? …
  • jamestr wrote: I have a computer that has a hosed up Windows Installation. It won't boot, it says to run repair, but that doesn't do anything. I don't have the Windows XP cd for that computer, I have them for another computer, might be an upgrade.…
  • yeah the new XBMC scripts are pretty cool, the comedy central one is my fave and the dailymotion one is pretty sweet too
  • yeah i'd recommend µTorrent too, its very lightweight (the standalone is just 170kB) http://www.utorrent.com/download.php and its ad free, no malware, none of that junk other than that, i use to use BitComet and that was pretty good as well
  • try CDex its free and its great http://cdexos.sourceforge.net/download.html also when you import a cd, you can set an option to grab the track names for you
  • Adobe Audition is great, but you have to look around those dodgy p2p sites you might want to try audacity http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ its free and its pretty good
  • i think that it might be a registry problem on your pc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_registry you might want to have a go yourself if you want . or find an app on the internet to help you out, maybe something like this might help ht…
  • yeah, i use winamp with the iPod plugin to do it, you can get both from http://www.winamp.com its a pain in the arse but it gets the job done
    in iPod Comment by Duff_Man February 2007
  • ive heard its ok, but to be honest i prefer nero as its widly supported and there are plugins for nero that support flac burning the plugins are here but i think you need to register: http://www.bitburners.com/Software/Download/Audio_Software_an…
  • Mans wrote: can anyone tell me what a troll is? yeah a 'troll' is somebody who joins a forum, and is only there to cause trouble by insulting people etc
  • laptops / notebooks tend use 2.5", if the laptop is a few years old you must check if its a PATA or SATA one, (best way is to take it out and take it to a store. and to be honest, stick with a 5400 rpm drive, otherwise your laptop will overhea…
  • Dick, you can use winamp but you have to download the iPod Plugin, and hymm (http://hymn-project.org/)
  • yeah im sorry if you took it like that, to be honest if you got a new pc with vista installed and office, its pretty sweet and you shouldnt have any problems with backwards compatability at all. a lot of the office and media players work on it, i…
  • yeah i would recommend videora too im not sure about using the piratebay, torrentspy or mininova for any 'scene' releases at the moment, the riaa and mpaa have been posting a lot of fake torrents on there recently, so you might want to arm yourse…
  • i not too struck on vista at the moement, but i think that i will probably take it up in a few months when i see a service pack. i might consider it when the direct x 10 cards come out as i develop games, but to be honest it isnt that stable with…
  • StreamboxVCR if you can find it (you might have to find it on some p2p though)
  • im sure that there is a winamp plugin, i think its the 'nullsoft disk writer plug-in' you might have to configure the plug-in though and you can get them both from http://www.winamp.com
  • uTorrent is good 'cause its lightweight, but i also like bit comet which is a very good as it has links to all the other popular torrent sites like mininova and pirate bay etc..
  • disconnected wrote: aha, thanks! I also found this: System file checker With the programm to check systemfiles. Withe the Windows XP install cd-rom you can check on damaged systemfiles and those will be replaced by correct ones from the Win…
  • if you are using nero, create a new dvd video session, open up the dvd folder then drag and drop all the dvd files into the VIDEO_TS folder, then burn it to be honsest there isnt any good free dvd burning software
  • most packard bell pc have a hidden partition with windows XP, when you boot up, hold f10 and try and reinstall