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  • i_lov_it said: Saw the Soundtrack for $30 at JBHifi here in Australia... Unfortunately that's all that's available here. Good luck finding the movie.
  • Is there anyway to watch this from anywhere other than Ten Club. I live in Australia and don't want to have to wait for shipping which historically has taken ages from them. I can't see the DVD or Blu-Ray on sale anywhere in Australia and my Amazon …
  • how do you access the tickets on the presale ticketmaster website. It says check email for me but i never got an email.
  • Is it on a separate channel to PJ radio. Do i have to sign up for SiriusXM?
    in PJ Radio Comment by Dmcneice August 2012
  • Maybe I got the times wrong (trying to convert from Aussie time) but the Isle of Wright premier is to start at 6pm ET 8/08/12. How come its not playing?
    in PJ Radio Comment by Dmcneice August 2012
  • I know how you feel, I'm a 24 year old living in Australia, and whilst all my friends have heard about PJ, its mainly only because i love them so much. All my friends, my girlfriend and basically anyone i know (apart from my parents) dislike Pear…
  • you seriously did an awesome job, they should hire you to make to the official dvd's!
  • I must say, I only saw unplugged last year, having heard hundreds of bootlegs already and seen pearl jam 3 times. Even then, i think the versions of porch and SOLAT where the best i have ever heard. They are so powerful and the whole performance is …
  • very great movie, loved the whole story, the emotion of the band, and their thoughts on different people/issues. Was great
  • Agreed with this, whilst I love to see PJ again the following reasons why I would not go to the hole that is BDO: 1) At a festival with a bunch of drunk idiots all day 2) Shortened Setlist 3) No 10 club 4) Increased Cost (+ a whole ton of waitin…
  • Having worked in mental health wards and experienced what some people go through and their response to drugs ill try and give you some insight. Let me start off by saying good on you for a psychiatrist, although it may not feel like much, when ta…
  • There are many anti-depressants out there. Which one are you taking. Im a pharmacist so i may be able to calm some of those fears you have
  • I know I was born and I know that I'll die, the in between is mine. I am mine
  • Main Set: 1. Long Road 2. Oceans 3. Small Town 4. In Hiding 5. Who You Are 6. Faithful 7. Rats 8. Immortality 9. Off He Goes 10. Man of the Hour 11. Nothingman 12. Low Light 13. I Got ID 14. Wishlist 15. Unthought Known 16. I Am Mine…
  • Yeah, in hiding rocks, that an off he goes always put me in calm/happy moods
  • Yeah my plan was to park at Garden City Shopping Centre and catch the bus over or whatever. All i know is all the information i could find with regards to public transport is either leaving the concert or getting to the concert by around 5.30. Being…
  • by saying 10c might get let in early, what time are we talking, like 8am early or like 1 hour before show early. Cus getting their at 8am sucks