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  • hailhailkc wrote: I think the numbers debate is funny, and quite disingenious. It implies that if the numbers were reversed…and Israel has suppossedly killed less…then those who currently oppose the actions of Israel would instead be ridiculing an…
  • i thot it was a good idea to bump the thread to see if people were still super stoked about the St. Paul shows afterwards, in the same thread ya jackass and im not whinning, i am expressing myself lol
  • uh, i was excited to go now i ahve a bad taste in my mouth after having seen two HALF PJ sets with some hour long breaks before returning to watch tom petty wait for people to clap for him after every song.......huuuuhhhhhhhh had to get that off my…
  • comeback hopefully will turn into a new-age version of black with a singalong-ability that us fans can get into
  • eloesch1 wrote: You are absolutely wrong many bands get annoyed by moshing and dancing. Take tool, apc, radiohead for example who actually encourage their fans merely to stand and take in the music and experience their art it in all of its beauty.…
  • i hear ya man totally took me by suprise
  • the best part is that when you go to more shows you find more things that make you love the band even more.....perhaps the way the play certain songs live, or the way they act on stage, people you meet that are PJ fans too, with other cool stories..…
  • no way was i sitting through another set of TP which was exactly the same as prior glorified G was un-fokin-real state of love and trust was golden and the crowd was sooper into it... crowd was more energized for sure the 2nd night, although …
  • i just got back to the comp. and decided to rant a bit about the concert... 1- drunk ed...not really cool. weird vibe when he's kinda messed up 2- TP and his fokin wrestler showboating antics...whoa man, just, whoa 3- TP and his shitty tech crew …