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FS: 4 Ohana Encore Weekend Passes: $200 Each (Sidelined by Heart Issues)

ragekage79ragekage79 Posts: 16
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TLDR: Looking for $200/weekend pass because of unexpected heart issues now preventing travel.

On my birthday this year, I bought weekend passes for Ohana Encore (as did my overly cautious wife to ensure we didn't miss out). Two weeks later, I wound up in the hospital for several days with a newly discovered heart condition — which is getting better, but the doctors don't yet advise traveling. Thus, we're looking to sell both pairs below face value.

Hoping some of the faithful might help out. Thanks!
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  • PJNBPJNB New BrunswickPosts: 9,186
    Sorry you are not able to make the trip but glad you are doing better. Good luck on the sale hopefully someone can help you out. 
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  • Appreciate that, PJNB. Definitely a bummer, but I’ve got to be in top shape for all those spring ‘22 shows, right? Have a good one!
  • *bump*, and open to offers for less than face value on these. Feel free to PM.
  • One of my best friends who I’ll miss greatly at Ohana Encore.  If you are in need of tickets, please PM this longtime fan!!
  • Love you, man. Sorry we won't be able to join you for this one.
  • *bump*
  • KansasKansas Posts: 4
    how many do you have available?
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