• Interesting. This definitely wouldn't have fit in one of the MILLION OTHER DRUMMER THREADS.
  • The only thing better than a million... a million and one
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  • I felt like it deserved its own thread because of how reasonable it is
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    I feel a merge coming on...
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    Cool article, thanks for sharing.
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    Great interview. Thanks for posting.

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    Good article! Thanks for sharing!
  • I hope it's gonna be the Christmas single for 2017 a very nice 10 inch
  • Nice read!
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    Hope he gets to play with the band, but i have my doubts.
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    I'd like to hear Jack's thoughts too.
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    Great read!!
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  • Great read...... I met him after a Unified Theory gig in 2000, he was a super nice guy.

    I hope he's doing well in life.

  • Hmm why does this drummer thread not get shut down?
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