My x-mas gift to all Binaural and Riot Act haters...

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I give to you the inevitable day that the brilliance of these albums strikes you and you are forever changed for the better.
Further back and forth a wave will break on me, today...
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    +1 :)
    Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out
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    They're not bad, they're just so dark.. Easily Pearl Jam's most atmospheric and interesting albums.
  • my other half just bought new copies of both and the wanker WILL NOT SHARE!!!! :o so i have taken possesion of all the other pj cds and the computer untill he learns that sharing is really the best way to go and that keeping pj cds from the girlfriend is not a good thing to do and he is cut off til he hands them over :lol:
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    I love Those's JUST 'Various' Tracks on'EVACUATION' lol :P
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    Binaural has grown on me over the years, The songs are great live. I liked Riot Act from the start
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    i already post ,especially for Binaural,live like 500 posts...lets make it 501..

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