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  • White Discussion
    I have a Shuss Sasquatch and a NIN Nashville Fitzgerald and could do Cash 
    October 6
  • Torontonian
    Thanks for your thoughts and words.  It’s tough to lose parents as you know.   A strange feeling that really seems to make you feel like it’s true adulthood now and innocence of any sort is kinda lost.  Not sure if that it was it is but it’s strange feeling.
    October 4
  • Drizzle40300
    [email protected] I sent $15.00 USD for nine raffle spots for the Missoula 18 poster. Randy
    September 19
  • willbarclay changed his profile picture.
    September 13
  • sanangelohorn
    I hate to bother you for a random noob question, but I know you deal in trades a lot. I just made a trade, my Thomas Train for Fenway Mumford. I just go the Mumford in and the box the tube came in was in really bad shape due to water damage. I went ahead and took multiple pic of the damage as well as the label on the box to prove it was the box the poster was shipped in. I went ahead and pulled out the tube from the damaged box an it was dented so I took more pics. Finally I pulled the poster out and it does have some extensive damage to it. I have sent the other party every pic I have taken to let him know. They haven't gotten back to me yet, but I wanted to know what is the proper etiquette here. I have said I would like to return the damaged Mumford and for them to send back the train....is that okay from your expertise?

    Thank you,

    Brandon B.
    September 10