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  • jbird2334
    Hi, Long long long time Pearl Jam fan since the days of Ten . I would love this chance to see them in G.A. are the tickets still available? I have a friend who will join me. A little bit about myself, I work for Enterprise so if you ever need a hook up on rental cars im your guy!  I'm also a very talented singer/songwriter.  In addition to covering the cost of the ticket I would be more then happy to take care of some merch to show my appreciation for this experience. Yes we all have struggles in this life and currently I to am facing the worst personal hardship of all so this would be a true blessing to have a night of great music with great people. We are all one big happy Jamily! Hope to hear from you! John [email protected] 773 780 7642
    August 18
    • jbird2334
      That was not suppose to print. That was my pm. sorry.
  • nl177803
    Did you sell your 2 GAs?
    August 17
  • HappyNinja
    Please tell me the tickets for 8/18 are still available.  I can pay you for both immediately!  You can text/call me at 312-933-9469.
    August 16
  • shacker11
    I’d buy them both immediately if available, text 913.980.5642 for immediate response and payment
    August 16
  • thecaptain
    I’d buy them both immediately if available 
    August 16
    Hey there I will take them and can pay immediately thanks 
    August 16
  • nmtheo
    Do you still have a ticket left?
    August 16
  • PoetWarrior
    Interested in 1 if still available.  I can PayPal immediately.  Thanks.
    August 16
  • MS173299
    Interested in 1, if still available.
    August 16
  • danceswithsquirrels
    I'll buy your Wrigley if still available. Thanks!
    August 16
  • IgotshitID
    Still have the Saturday GA?? My buddy is looking for one
    August 16