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    Air23 said:
    I would not recommend to buy. Poor packaging of the items

    So he purchased the white backspacer from me and had me ship it to Connecticut. I sent the vinyl wrapped in cardboard then I wrapped it in brown paper bag and put it in a media mailer envelope that is lined with bubble wrap. I had recently sent two other vinyl to other buyer the same exact way. (pj 20 and Vault #5) PJ20 was sent to New Zealand and received w/o an issue and the Vault #5 was sent and  received w/o an issue. It actually would have been safer to send it directtly to Air23 in Italy bc they would treat it as a first class package. Instead he told me he wanted it delivered to a friend in Connecticut bc I live in the states and it would cut down on shipping costs bc that person could deliver it to him or ship it to him. Who knows I wasn't worried what or how he got it from someone else. 

    I sent it out on Friday and I received a message from him late last night stating he feels ripped off along with pictures and that I can't ship a vinyl packed the way I did. The pictures were horrific......the gatefold of the vinyl bent, there was a picture of the white backspacer bent and cracked!, and the last picture contained the package I sent the vinyl inside of with the cardboard around it and the bubble wrapped lining. In the picture I noticed the package had a taped label on it "USPS resealed & rewrapped". 
    I asked Air23 what the tape was on the package that says "USPS resealed and rewrappes". He did not know? He said all he knows is that he paid for a vinyl that is unplayable and then threatened to tell everyone on the forum if I don't refund his money. I just got home from work and sat down to check my messages and emails bc I don't sit on the forum all day long nor do I have the time at work to respond to all messages during my work day. So before I could respond to him and communincate on rectifying the situation he proceeds to try and blast me on the forum anyway. 

    So on my lunch break today I stopped at my post office and showed them the pictures he sent me via the person I had sent the package too. The person at the post office said that while the package was in transit a postal inspector somewhere along the way decided to pull the package and inspect the contents. Unfortunately most of the postal employees hate their jobs and give two fucks about the contents inside a package being shipped. After inspecting a package they half ass throw the contents back inside, tape it shut, and send it on its way without care. 

    For those of you have purchased goods from me already, I take care in packing them. When I sent the vinyl I sent a. perfectly good white backspacer and sent him the pictures of the vinyl. I'm willing to refund the fee paid for the vinyl but it only makes sense that the vinyl be returned so I could verify the damages. Wouldn't you Agree? it bothers me that I am now out of a white backspacer bc I do not know who I had to send it too. From now on if I send some one a package it will have to be sent to that person no matter what shipping costs they will have to pay bc I am not being held liable just because they want to save themselves money. All I know is if they would have paid extra for the shipping to be sent directly to them it would have been handled differently. 

    Another thing about sending the vinyl to Air23's friend in CT.......for all I know this guy has packages coming in from all over the place and the postal inspector decided to have a look at what this guy is havkng sent to his house?  As I look on the boards all I see is Air23 making request after request trying  to buy every piece of memorabilia on the forums from zippos to vinyls.
    September 8