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  • FoxyRedLa said: This back to school biz has been jackin up my workouts. The hubs went on some weird over time and the hours suck! Soooo, I have not worked out I think Monday will be 2 weeks. My son's been sick booo so that hasn't helped. He had…
  • PJ_Soul said: ^^^ He really did... my main thought when it comes to Tolkien is that he inspired Led Zeppelin so much. What's on my mind is the fact that I went to the wedding of my best friend's youngest brother tonight. I have known this gu…
  • I didn't get the entry level bookstore position. I last worked in a bookstore in 2005, but this is ENTRY LEVEL. I know this stuff! I've been their customer for 14 years. I know what they do. WTH! It's as if the world is stupid. Frustrated and sad. …
  • mcgruff10 said: What is everyone s "holy trinity" of food? i go: pasta pizza burgers i can have any of them multiple times a week. Pasta Pizza  Coffee
  • F Me In The Brain said: Ridiculous dinner last night at Husk in Charleston, SC. Pork skins Pork ribs Oysters Oxtail Johnny cake Duck leg confitpork wrapped in pork belly Multiple martinis Holy trinity: Pizza Sushi Sounds yummy.
  • F Me In The Brain said: Got fancy for breakfast this AM. 2 pieces of sourdough, toasted, on a plate 2 eggs 'sunny side up', just firmed, slid over the two piece of toast Texas Champagne sauce all over (not very hot but taste is awesome) Knife, …
  • Finished an interview with a DC bookstore. I would love to work there.
  • markymark550 said: People, especially coworkers, are annoying me greatly today...and I've only been at work for 45 minutes. Gonna be a loooong day. Time for an iced americano!
  • An interview for a new position tomorrow.
  • Baltimore, Maryland Old Bay seasoning National Bohemian (Natty Boh) beer
  • F Me In The Brain said: Iron Skillet -- medium high heat -  2 good pats of butter.  Melt.  Drag each piece through butter on both sides.  Turn to medium.  Season (aggressively as always) Flip "when it looks right" - 2-3 mins Season …
  • What is a mater?
  • I love pizza, I love pizza, I love pizza! Growing up we had homemade pizzas on Saturday right before Dance Fever, Solid Gold, and the Love Boat. I should make some of my own. What an inspiring thread!
  • Hobbes said: Last night, I was about to fix up some Tilapia, mashed sweet potatoes, veg, when my lovely bursts through the door surprising me with pizza. PIZZA! What joy! It was like Christmas morning. That sounds awesome!
  • My one suggestion for keeping the knives sharp is to hand wash them. Don't put them in the dishwasher. 
  • I thought the interview went well. If I get a follow-up interview it will be in October.
  • Interview tomorrow. Boy, do I want this one. I took videos of me answering different questions. After reviewing it I decided to add a little more inflection in my answers so that I don't sound like a machine. I'm looking forward to this interview! 
  • I tried a new recipe, eggplant and red pepper soup. After I cooked the veggies and veggie stock (new recipe, too) I put the veggies in a food processor, and ended up with a light, sweet, smooth-ish soup. I'm pretty happy with it.
  • PJ_Soul said: F Me In The Brain said: Tough to avoid them but Pasta is where I cut back the most a few years back.  Used to make a great pasta dinner at least 1x a week but am probably down to 1x a month.  I love pasta, and it is what …
  • F Me In The Brain said: Tough to avoid them but Pasta is where I cut back the most a few years back.  Used to make a great pasta dinner at least 1x a week but am probably down to 1x a month.  I love pasta, and it is what I cook the best, but I …
  • Cliffy6745 said: Tis' fresh mozzarella and basil on it. Fries look good, yum.
  • Cliffy6745 said: Good stuff. Mrs. Cliffy does very much enjoy sushi, though she is not partaking for the time being due to dietary restrictions, if you know what I mean.. Congratulations!
  • rgambs said: .com a little stir fry action Looks beautiful, rgambs! Did particular tastes steal the show? I see white onions, red pepper, green pepper, string beans, yellow zucchini, and red cabbage. Am I right?
  • Thank you for posting the video, chadwick. I have tried so many new things because of Youtube. It's amazing! In fact, I made gnocchi recently, and I had a good recipe, but I looked for suggestions on technique on youtube. I saw some instructions th…
  • The Juggler said: HesCalledDyer said: The Juggler said: Ms. Haiku said: "Coarsely chop" is my favorite recipe instruction.   why? Probably for a different reason than Ms Haiku, but for me it's like the r…
  • "Coarsely chop" is my favorite recipe instruction.  
  • chadwick said: hedonist said: no Cliffy, I didn't even need to tilt my head to appreciate that hunk o'beauty up there. chadwick, please report back on the pizza endeavor. good morning. ok so the cauliflower crust pizza was t…
  • I made gnocchi for the first time in 20 years. The last time I made gnocchi I broke my potato ricer. Today I used a hand smasher.  The texture was good. I'm happy with the result, but I wasn't on the ball with the sauce. I had a sauce of sauteed sc…
  • I just roasted five heads of garlic to use throughout the week. My apartment smells wonderful. I'm looking forward to cooking new dishes.
  • For those that use coconut oil over olive oil is it because it withstands higher heat, and has more fat, or is it for other reasons? I started to read about cooks using it just recently.