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  • In order for the office of the presidency to succeed probably there's needed a different president. Just my initial reaction to that statement when I read it written down in front of me. Trump needs to be gone as soon as possible before the whole wo…
  • BS44325 said: Exactly. So really none of this shit matters in the long run because he's probably going to be dead soon anyway. Then not long after that we will be too!
  • Yeah, like I said, I'd only buy something like that when I've had some reason to celebrate or something. I was spending A LOT of money on records.
  • In this day and age I rarely buy vinyl anymore. Maybe a few times a year if I'm in really good mood to treat myself. It's just become too expensive. However, I have it on C.D and also on Apple Music. These are the things that probably would make Unc…
  • You couldn't give someone a much better gift than Harvest Moon. That's one great record from front to back, inside to out. I love the whole thing.
  • Just watched the live video there and thought it was pretty awesome. It was cool to see Eddie playing cowbell on the song. I reckon it will get better!
  • The Iron Sheik has a more credible Twitter account than Donald Trump at this stage, and there's some fairly politically incorrect stuff on his one.
  • We're all hopeless when you look at the situation that the planet has been in for the last few years. Probably hopeless even regardless of Trump.
  • Your original post was very moving when you described what Light Years means to you and your friends. I hope that it happens for you guys Sunday.
  • I'm so fucking psyched about hearing a new record. I'd laugh hard if they released their record the same day as Pearl Jam again, like 10,000 Days!
    in Tool Comment by ConorKavanagh March 14
  • I'm interested to hear it live. However, I know that often songs take a while to get to a certain level in a live setting. It's a different ball game entirely. The only place I heard the similarity with Sleep Now In The Fire was in some of Eddie's p…
  • People were saying it reminded them of Sleep Now In The Fire. I can see that. But you can trace that song back to something else. That's evolution.
  • I guess it's just his personal preference. I laugh at a lot of the stuff on here because we're all so passionate about the band that we get a bit crazy.
  • Come Back would be a good shout I'd say. Eddie played it when he was in Cork last year, less than a month after Chris had passed away. Devastating.
  • Hey brothers. I was directed here from the Who Are You? thread. Great to see there's so many people here in the same boat as myself. All love.
  • Yeah man I saw what you posted there. Thank you very much for your kind words. That means a lot to me. I hope you're keeping strong brother.
  • Guys let's not bicker about the fact that we didn't get a single that was exclusive to us. In this day and age everyone has access to every single that comes out anyway. I only joined last year and heard most of the singles that they released to the…
  • Who knows? Hopefully they release the record soon. I think it would be better if they just hold off until the whole album is released to the public before they play it live. Obviously that's not the way they usually do things but I think it's always…
  • Hey Shyner bubba don't be so down on yourself. It's very admirable that you posted up that number for such a great cause and serious issue. It can be very hard to keep up with the conventions and standards of what is acceptable in communities like t…
  • At this stage with Pearl Jam, nothing would shock me. I really hope there's some new stuff played when I go to see them at Mad Cool at least.
  • I'd love it if they came to Ireland and played somewhere other than Dublin. Even seeing Eddie in Cork last year felt like such a nice change here!
  • If we're all throwing our countries' names out there, they haven't been in Ireland since 2010. I think they're long overdue a trip back to see us here.
  • No idea. Everything we're posting on here is just our own personal theories. Hopefully it comes out soon. I'm itching to hear the rest of this thing.
  • This Is Monday Night
  • The Question Is This
  • Daron Oshay said: ConorKavanagh said: People seem to be unable to just enjoy this thing for what it is, a new song by the band that we all love. Let's just wait and see what they do next. Agree
  • People seem to be unable to just enjoy this thing for what it is, a new song by the band that we all love. Let's just wait and see what they do next.
  • HesCalledDyer said: I'm inclined to agree with this.  I've never written a song or know how writing credits actually work, but I would assume if a sole band member is credited as the songwriter, he probably came up with the main rhythm and/or mel…