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  • Live from mars. Ben harper
  • I cant see Wanna cry Do you Cry with me Cause I cant see Life of me Do you Feel a flight To the Other side Feel like Im Goin blind Said For all time I cant see
  • Um wilco busted out an album without anyone knowing. Conceivably pj could birth a new album in one live session. I wouldnt be suprised if it happens. But my personnel tank is empty. I couldnt make a new album easily. Pj has the god given chops to do…
  • The free wheelin bootleggin shyner
  • This link from youtube i feel like I'm bootleggin because it wasnt an official link. Let me make my getaway with the sound of a band that i found me in 91. From rock to punk to country to funk to a rush that not many other bands infuse. With love. 
  • Drain me Spank me Give me away I'll love anyone I'll trust anyone Got a monkey A monkey Monkey on my back I can't walk a mile I can't lift the weight In the resistance No rotation Where are you fckers Where are you Just a fcking computer Living like…
  • Nothing Nothing here Waste my art Given to death Nothing here for me If there's a bridge Let it be If there's a bridge Just one For me Nothing Nothing here Have no fear I won't come near Into the woods Live with bugs So sad to see Nothing here for m…
  • Shyner is good. Help him. 
    in This is my art Comment by Shyner June 14
  • Screaming trees are my zeppelin Solo mark lanegan is my solo plant I love mark lanegan.  Light my way
    in Mark Lanegan Comment by Shyner June 14
  • Screaming trees. Sweet oblivion
  • The point of no return has passed on The time to move forward has dawned Stitching up the holes Reviving every soul In mass communication Fire chain of  prayer Has grasped your heart And in a minute youll be given The very thing that keeps you smili…
  • Got a gun In my hand Got it loaded Im the man Pull the trigger Close my eyes Close my eyes Pull the trigger One day said Your bigger Than me But now with My gun How could That be Pray for forgiveness Laugh at the crime Fmj looks delicious I feel lik…
  • Enough of ego Hiding out clowns Cant take Being down When i come around Enough of lies Sprinkled around town With philosophy Abound Id rather give love Than receive what Isnt real So hit the road  I will
  • Let the love shine through All you can do Is be yourself Even if Its somebody else Let the love shine through When the night steals All of the youth Just be somebody else Let there be truth Let the love shine through
  • Ripped to shreds Gratefully dead Your always In my head Like its yours Im bored Your bored Time to go away Live in a cave Try to behave Learn to obey No one's a slave Spread the word Ripped on moonshine Gratefully dying Times are trying Scared to fl…
  • I love all the years 92,95,98,00,03. My favorite 5 years
  • Love your writing  " set it off" " burning gasoline" " light my way" 3 songs for today. 
    in cornell Comment by Shyner June 7
  • Anything by shawn smith.  Jimi hendrix. Live Jimi hendrix
  • Live forever 7
  •  The best ever. Thank you for sharing everything you gave.                   Set it off. 
  • Message to anyone Walking the plank Make sure you pray All the way home For god so loved The son you carry And when he died Time and again The price was paid The suffering begins But it will end Just walk heavens trail
  • I am feeling okay after reading you here.  Im sure tomorrow ill have to shake off the things that own my nerves. Im a nerve and stomach pained person trying to fight through many catastrophic diseases handed to loved ones.  I guess we all have a di…
  • Mostly me shyner very dark. Unreadable really.  Thank you
  • Days go by I am bored I wish i was young Believed in the lord Now I'm smart Believe in denial Gaining momentum It's the style I'd lift you up If i was strong I'd give you up If i didn't belong So close Spirits remain But i can't gather The end of…
  • Sadness has a strong grip Taking away my will to live Give and give  I need the give Death has taken my life Down on the down Now i must turn Towards the light And blow out the candle Of my night
  • The memory of sanity A taste of freedom All is lost Without you The present tense Is yesterday's sense Without you here I play in the rain Listening to the birds But not live For that's the way Without you I got no tomorrow No yesterday I only have …
  • I feel sad
  • Dead