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  • "This time I'm letting go of it all...I'm gone." kind of a solemn song. almost like there's a bit of anger in there
  • "This time I'm letting go of it all...I'm gone." hey that link doesn't seem to be working appreciate the thought tho!!
  • Thanks Pap! Down is a song I often overlook. But these lyrics are beautiful! One day the symptoms fade. Think I'll throw these pills away. And if hope could grow from dirt like me. It can be done. Won't let the light escape from me. Won't let th…
  • wow the interpretations on this song are all over the place. A couple people said that it is about Columbine, can anyone point me to where they heard that? to me it's about an ex girlfriend/wife who now has a new man, and in a way coming to terms …
  • Have to go look them up ! Sometimes I think I like the ones I make up instead!
  • Why does Given To Fly get so much play? Not trying to knock the song, just doesn't speak to me. Is it a favorite of y'all / did it chart well? Of my 5 shows the only song that's been played every time is DTE Tied for 4x Elderly Woman Even Flow Ali…
  • after the first night I said it would be very difficult to top until the first encore break on night 2, I was still leaning towards night 1, but then the 2nd set had songs that i've totally been jamming hard to lately all or none - crowd was kind…