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  • Godless is excellent. Beautifully shot and solid acting.
  • mcgruff10 said: PB11041 said: mcgruff10 said: HesCalledDyer said: Constitution Hall and Bellingham are my faves. Constitution hall is amazing but for some reason I give the slight edge to la.  I think w…
  • Thirty Bills Unpaid said: Halifax2TheMax said: 5 years ago today. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/13/nyregion/newtown-sandy-hook-five-year-anniversary.html That day made me feel worse than 9-11. It was a real punch to the gut…
  • Another terrible example of this administration. Omarosa was as complicit as the rest, but now she sees dollar signs and wants to cash in. Unbelievable that she has been able to ride that Apprentice notoriety this long. http://thehill.com/blogs/blo…
  • Good read from the Atlantic that goes beyond the death toll. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/12/guns-nonfatal-shooting-newtown-las-vegas/548372/
  • I'd like to see a solid '96 show. I know we've heard all those songs and it's a less diverse list of songs, but No Code fresh on it's promo tour would be awesome. My favorite Hail, Hail is still the Late Show appearance from that year. 
  • So jealous of those going to this show. I have been listening to the Katowice II show from 2000 and it's still one of my favorites all time. Probably be the show of the tour. Hail, Hail the lucky ones!
  • mace1229 said: OnWis97 said: I was not familiar with the Shaver case. Should be interesting...a cop acquitted of killing a white guy.  And seemingly generating an excuse by playing a game of Simon Says and shooting when an mistake was…
  • my2hands said: I think we can throw Steve Bannon on the ash heap of history at this point Funny, it looks like he may have crawled off of the ash heap once already. Someone make sure he's dead this time please. It may be a Tuesday, but …
  • Nice. Anderson Cooper didn't hold back on that response. Hahaha!
    in Roy Moore Comment by tbergs December 13
  • josevolution said: Fell asleep being sure the perv would win damn Alabama it’s about time waiting for the orange bafoon to start tweeting about rigged election... Based on his previous statements, he's more likely to gloat and say that h…
    in Roy Moore Comment by tbergs December 13
  • unsung said: What is that supposed to mean? My mistake, I thought it was the cop's daughter you were referring to. Had to look it up.
  • OnWis97 said: Twitter is gonna be a dumpster fire tomorrow. I doubt he sleeps tonight. 5am nonsense tweet followed by Fox influenced conspiracies about voter suppression, illegal votes and "dark money" from the liberal consortium.
  • CM189191 said: mfc2006 said: Trump is a worthless pile of shit. That's being generous True. Shit is at least good at replenishing the earth. I would liken Trump to a pile of vomit.
  • C'mon now everyone. He was only a sexual predator, not a child molester pedophile. Still pathetic that even after all that he almost won.
    in Roy Moore Comment by tbergs December 13
  • unsung said: This guys 8 year old daughter tried to kill herself yesterday. With a dad like that, she's in a deep hole in this life.
  • Well, I'll be, Jones is now up 3000 with 91% reporting.
    in Roy Moore Comment by tbergs December 13
  • Further proof we live in the fucking twilight zone. Forget dropping Sirius subscriptions due to Bannon, quit Alabama. This is why the pockets of blue are so concentrated in large cities. Who wants to be a part of that garbage heap where there are no…
    in Roy Moore Comment by tbergs December 13
  • josevolution said: tbergs said: A third of the vote in and Moore now has a nice 5% lead and 20,000 vote difference. I know just looking at coverage Maddow thinks Jones has a shot I just don’t see it .. Are there even any …
    in Roy Moore Comment by tbergs December 13
  • A third of the vote in and Moore now has a nice 5% lead and 20,000 vote difference.
    in Roy Moore Comment by tbergs December 13
  • Terrible party line voting. What is wrong with these idiots? https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/senate-confirms-leonard-steven-grasz_us_5a2ffeefe4b01598ac486379
  • Atrocious, abysmal and pathetic. Way to go Senate idiots. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/senate-confirms-leonard-steven-grasz_us_5a2ffeefe4b01598ac486379
  • If only it could stay this obvious, but I'm sure the true Alabama will show up by the end.   Alabama US Senate General ElectionCandidatePercentVotesDoug Jones (Democratic)  65.5%8,176Roy S Moore (Republican)  33.5%4,182Write-In (Write-in)  1%122 2…
    in Roy Moore Comment by tbergs December 13
  • JC29856 said: Jason P said: Ol' Roy rode a horse to the polls and it is CLEAR he has no idea how too ride a horse.  I don't have a video link, but this would be the equivalent if he tried to ride a motorcycle to the polls .... …
    in Roy Moore Comment by tbergs December 12
  • arnhem1976 said: eddie sold out phrasing...hahaha!
  • How he is still breathing? It's like when I go to my parents house and I find one of these in the pantry Donny must be injected with the same cocktail of preservatives that allow these things to survive for decades on a shelf. I'd hate to be the n…
  • Halifax2TheMax said: Kat said: I don't trust polls any longer but here's one I hope is right. Fox News Poll: Enthused Democrats give Jones lead over Moore in Alabama http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/11/fox-news-poll-enthused-d…
    in Roy Moore Comment by tbergs December 12
  • Haha! I haven paid attendshom, but he schlurs moare words than a drunk Santcha after a long day at the moll.
  • Excellent! I always enjoy people commenting on the tracking of their packages moving the wrong way for a week with layovers in Timbuktu
  • [Quote deleted by Admin] Unless you're looking for the mods to scold you, I'd pull the altered tweets.