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  • dcp3y said: Getaway!  Lead track off LB seems very underrepresented in set lists.  Bring to Wrigley! I've found few live versions I liked. To me it's like No Way, good on the album, but rarely translated live that well.
  • RW8297 said: rummy said: I love Ten but they could do a bit better job balancing out the catalogue, I guess. If they play 30 songs per night, the ratio could be something like: Ten - 4 songs Vs - 3 Vit - 3 NC - 3 Yield - 3 Bin - 2 RA -…
  • Indifference71 said: Happy Friday!  Another great one from Hop Butcher. That looks fantastic. Love the can and name. There are some awesome designs and names for craft brews. All the more reason I love 'em.
  • lolobugg said: cp3iverson said: ChuckTartius said: Cmon people Even Flow is my bathroom break  You’ll be pissing in an empty bathroom, Chuck piss in your neighbor's beer. Haha! Buuuuuump! Do it! Do it!
  • jpdannabelle said: Been watching some videos on YouTube from fans and it’s obvious Ed is struggling on some songs. Oceans in Barcelona is an example. He didn’t hit the high notes. I don’t think it was to put a spin on the original, he just can’…
  • PJ_Soul said: oftenreading said: Nothing would get me to move to Texas, even if my house was free. I love where I live. Unfortunately, so do a lot of other people .  Ditto! And if I ever do move, it will be north, not south. I'm…
  • cincybearcat said: Will not be played 1st live IMO because it is used as a break for Mr Vedder. No break needed at song #1. Easily fixed by replacing it's spot in the set with another song they can extend and jam on like Immortality, Not…
  • PJ_Soul said: tbergs said: oftenreading said: tbergs said: pjhawks said: tbergs said: I read that the other day. It was all on Washington Nationals season tickets. He paid it all off, but it was stra…
  • Well this happened fast, but there is already a great video up of the show. Maybe this is from the guy who was using someone as a tripod for their camera.
  • Stand...In...The
  • /\/\/\love that song My...Last..Exit
  • F**k yeah! Do it Ed! Blow the "roof" off the dump.
  • Interesting review of the show last night. http://www.houstonpress.com/music/the-smashing-pumpkins-reunion-shows-run-too-long-for-some-10670898 Made me wonder if this is how casual PJ fans feel at 30 song shows where they know about half of the set.
  • CM189191 said: igotid88 said: He would be willing to hand over U.S. citizens to Russia https://twitter.com/JohnJHarwood/status/1019656008208134145 For those who don't know who Bill Browder is, or why Putin wants him, Browder…
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  • PJ_Soul said: oftenreading said: PJ_Soul said: tbergs said: PJ_Soul said: brianlux said: tbergs said: Stay classy MGM resorts. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/17/us/mgm-resorts-sues-victims.…
  • There's...A...Hole
  • igotid88 said: Google Idiot and click on images Effing hillarious!
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  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park 2 down and 1 to go for my trip down memory lane with the Jurassic Park series on Netflix this month.
  • mcgruff10 said: I thought this was very clever lol. Haha. Love it.
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  • cp3iverson said: Yes. Im about to make a “Open with Evenflow” thread That would be awesome! Honestly, if it opened the show I don't think anyone would complain. It's just always midset these days. 
  • PJ_Soul said: brianlux said: tbergs said: Stay classy MGM resorts. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/17/us/mgm-resorts-sues-victims.html The nerve of those people letting themselves get shot at! I swear! But tha…
  • PJPOWER said: oftenreading said: PJPOWER said: oftenreading said: PJPOWER said: oftenreading said: PJPOWER said: oftenreading said: PJPOWER said: Halifax2TheMax said: …
  • unsung said: Lockheed Martin executives just condemned Trump for seeking peace with Russia. It is odd watching the left side with neocons on war. So now accountability and condemnation = war? Wow. Pretty sure your hero is the most recen…
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  • F Me In The Brain said: They are inside luggage I don't think anyone would know the difference Dude could take multiple trips I think there's a fine line in this situation where the hotel staff/security/manager should be held partially r…
  • Thoughts_Arrive said: They should make bobo dolls of that Trump balloon so we can all whack, punch, kick it. Well, they do make Trump blow up punching dolls. Not long after the election our family went to a local record shop and lo and b…
  • Stay classy MGM resorts. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/17/us/mgm-resorts-sues-victims.html
  • Well, if Bourbon is going to get more expensive I'll gladly stick to this stuff. I love Brandy and now they mixed it with one of my favorite flavors. This could replace Stoli Vanil for me.
  • oftenreading said: lastexitlondon said: I met him today I guess they’ve got the fence so he doesn’t try to grab anyone by the pussy.   Haha! I see the hands are to scale which limits the grabbing range
  • That fatal was amazing!
  • Congrats! That was an awesome and perfect version. I love that song. So much feeling and emotion to it.