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  • ....and now Ventura's cancelled. Damn. Was so looking forward to going back there to see them again. https://twitter.com/qotsa/status/878351757729947648
  • Glastonbury stream live right now.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08vkbfb
    in Radiohead Comment by kasedoug June 23
  • Wow. So I guess Ventura Theater decided last minute today before the general on-sale went live to only sell in person to the box office, even though they technically weren't open yet, and didn't announce it anywhere. As soon as it went live at 10am,…
  • redraw said: A good friend of mine will be in LA from Oz on 28th July for a few days and wants to make the most of it.... Can anyone recommend any cool gigs on that w'end?? Metallica at the Rose Bowl on Saturday, July 29th. I'll be at Po…
  • I don't have Icky Thump so I'm pretty excited. Even better that this is the fourth and final package from the year Vault subscription I received as part of the Music City Animal Advocates charity auction I got last year. 
  • Got tickets for Ventura. I'm so excited. First venue I ever saw them back in 2003, when they were touring for 'Songs For The Deaf.' Only holds 1200.
  • jerseyjammer1 said: For those of you who bought an album and  is buying from a ticketfly venue: i received the text presale ticketfly link but also received an email password for Ticketmaster.  I'm assuming I should just use the text link?  …
  • Anybody buying on Ticketmaster tomorrow interested in saving some money? Recently got two $100 Ticketmaster gift cards and was prepared to burn them up on QOTSA, but the shows I'm interested in are Ticketfly/AXS. Would be willing to sell them for $8…
  • DukeSpirit said: Anyone receive their code for the presale Hey? According to the pre-sale entry page, they'll be sent out tomorrow morning.
  • qontheboard said: Have people already received Vault 32? Shipping this week.
  • FrankY59 said: How big are these venues they are playing?  Fox Theatre is just over 5000 seats.   Ventura Theater is 1200.
  • xhausted1 said: Can anyone see a KC, Mo date on the Ticketmaster site? I see Riot Fest & St Louis, but not KC. Ticketfly http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/mobile/index/1504630?utm_medium=api&skinName=tfly
  • I remember Eddie talking about the shirt and how the $ would be going to that cause at those shows. Never actually seen one before.
  • If anyone ends up with an extra ticket for Red Rocks, please let me know. Have always wanted to see one of my favorite bands at that venue, and this double bill with QOTSA & Royal Blood has me wanting to make the trip. Good luck to everyone with…
  • cv658133 said: Long shot but looking for a shirt from that tour...medium or large. Will pay good price Sending PM.
  • derbydave said: The $4 Media Mail option was available when I finally placed my order!! Ugh. I got hit with the $15 UPS shipping. Wonder if they'll let me change it to Media Mail.
  • jerseyjammer1 said: I just bought an album in hopes of getting tix through the presale. Havent yet received my new group email.  I just hope the password still works for the Port Chester NY show b/c its a ticketfly venue, and not ticketmaster. …
  • I pre-ordered this morning and also registered separately, where it put me in Group 2. After a few hours, it looks like they verified my order and moved me up to group 1.
  • qontheboard said: Am I guaranteed a spot in the first group if I order the cd? Can someone who ordered the cd please confirm that they are in group 1. Furthermore, I went to the queens website and the cd was $15. While using a link from the ema…
  • CopperTom said: I'd appreciate a presale password.  I only want 1 ticket to 1 show. You can sign up for the Ticketmaster Verified Fan pre-sale here: https://qotsa.me/2t6EPA4
  • #VerifiedFan link to register for the QOTSA pre-sale: https://qotsa.me/2t6EPA4 Looks like they're coming to Ventura Theater which is actually the first place I ever saw them, back in 2003 for Songs for the Deaf. Can't wait.
  • Caught me off guard at first during the Zane Lowe interview because I was expecting them to play "Feet Don't Fail Me" after the snippet in the video yesterday. New song has a funky little swagger. I'm liking it. 
  • Josh will be on Beats1 with Zane Lowe in the morning, so maybe we'll get to hear the full song tomorrow. I mainly just can't wait for them to announce more live dates. http://twitter.com/Beats1/status/875034688888332288
  • Interesting that it's produced by Mark Ronson.
  • According to this article, they were writing earlier this year (Feb-March). Love the acoustic performances. https://twitter.com/StandardHotels/status/874650266217455616
  • demetrios said: Nope. Not on demand & only 2 more repeats left (Tuesday @ 11am EST & Thursday @ 12pm EST). Wish there was a repeat, after 5pm EST. Tuesday is 11pm EST.
  • Website's been updated so hopefully new music to follow in the near future.
  • Newsletter just came. Mike signed some of his books and they'll be randomly sent out in orders over the next couple weeks.