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    Im glad that you have enjoyed my posts.  I enjoy your optimism.
    I haven't been posting all this stuff hoping to convert atheists, and agnostics to Christianity.  It can be done but it's very difficult.  I have a hunch but I can't prove this in any way, but I think that an awful lot of atheists that go through life shouting down God and everything about Christianity loudly,  I think for a lot of them when they're getting to the end of life maybe a terminal illness or old age or whatever, I think when they got a week to live or 10 minutes to live they might even be unconscious already, but I think a lot of them panic and call out to God in their final moments when no one is around.  And He certainly would welcome them in and I think this happens a lot. Of course we would never know because we wouldn't be there to hear them.   But God will hear them.
    God Bless You

     But I've spent a lot of time on some of these posts in hopes that somebody that is on the fence but not quite sure, someone who needs just a little bit of reassurance that what they feel is right. I'm hoping that what I've written thus far would be an encouragement for a person like you to trust their faith. And trust in the Lord.
    If some of what I have written helps even one person out there, to come out of the darkness and into the light I feel that it will have been worth it.
    God Bless You Annafalk.
    August 1