Yes, still have& yes going to both. Cash & not trades. What did you have in mind?


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  • sjune4508
    What number works for you on the Milwaukee poster?
    August 17
  • ryan_kellett
    Hey Dan,

    Although I've been seeing PJ since Soldier Field 1995, my poster collections has predominately been at Phish shows I've attended. I've bought PJ posters at some shows I've attended as well as mementos, however I'm not the most familiar with PJ poster market value.   I know they have an upcharge.  I was at both the Moline and United Center '09 show.  I'd offer $400 combined for both .
    I don't know if that is far off or not.
    If you have other ideas in mind let me know.

    I live in Crystal Lake.  Assuming that you live near O'Hare as your post said, I can drive down and meet you at any point after this weekend to exchange.

    Take care,


    August 16
  • Yes, still have& yes going to both.

    Cash & not trades. What did you have in mind?

    August 15
    • sjune4508
      Looks like the highest price paid was $255 on that link, but i know i have seen them for more. Would be done deal at $250, that work for you?
    • sjune4508
      I will give it a good home and custom frame. Place of honor on the wall for all to see.
  • sjune4508
    Saw on a thread you have a 2014 Milwaukee poster.  Was at the show, cant find one.  What do you need for it?   Also going to both Wrigley shows, if you are into cash or trade.  Thanks.  
    August 14
    • MonkeyDan72
      Indeed. I am also going to both Wrig shows. There was one other person in front of you. Let me also respond.
      I had it appraised via a user here...

      Around the £300 British pounds mark

      Is how that came back. It needs a good home, not another closet.

      I’ll get back to you either way.
    • sjune4508
      Let me know how you want to get this done.