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  • Treesmother
    Hi Gingerlou, I haven’t been on the board for a long time. Looks like I can’t make it to Prague. Do you still need the Berlin ticket? I couldn’t find an answer to my last message in the thread. If you don’t need it, no worries, I will try trade it for an Amsterdam ticket.
    April 5
    • Gingerlou77
      Hello! Thank you for thinking of me but I traded my spare Krakow for Berlin so I'm all good thanks. Good luck getting to Amsterdam!
  • silva
    Hi Gingerlou,

    i just noticed on another thread (about someone going to Argentina show on their own from SA) that you are going to Seattle solo as well, and I was wondering if you had a spare Night 1 GA? I know it's a long shot but thought it was worth a go. Coming from UK as well, got tix for night 2 (seating) but would love to get one for night 1 as well.

    let me know. Hope your managing do dodge the rain!
    March 29
    • Gingerlou77
      Hi! I'm afraid I don't! It started as a solo trip has now turned into an adventure with some girls I'm meeting up with in London and Europe. Good luck though, I'm sure you'll find one! When are you flying out?
    • silva
      Flying out on the 6th, staying for 2 weeks. I have friends going on the 8th, so want to try and go with them. This trip feels like 30 odd years in the making, so want to make the most of it.

      If you hear of any of your friends with spares let me know.

      Have fun!
  • IZI
    You asked about luggage room in Kraków Główny
    It's open :
    Mon-Sat 7-22
    Sun 8-21
    The prices 
    Small luggage 3 zł (less than 1 Euro
    Big Luggage 6 zł aprox 1,5 Euro
    If you need some more information ask.
    March 7