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    I'm not good at computers.  I can't tell if I PMed you or left a big comment for all to see.  Please correct me if I did it wrong.
    I wanted to send you a PM.
    March 17
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    I hope that what I say to you helps you.
    March 17
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    Hi Foxy,
    I think your interest in God is wounderful.
    I'm writing you directly here because I don't want to argue with the non believers. 
    Don't let the non-believers cause you to doubt yourself, or reconsider what you already know.  You know in your heart that God is very real..
    I think that you are wanting to understand Him better.
    God created your very existsnce.  He created you FoxyRed because he wanted you to exist.  He created you for His pleasure.  And do you know what He wants from you?
    Hosea chapter 6 verse 6.
    He wants your love.
    You are unique, your finger prints are different from any one else's.  Your DNA is one of a kind.  There is no one else just like you anywhere.
    The King James Bible is the best study bible.  The 1611 KJB wouldn't be good to study from because it was written in Old English.
    It's translation was completed in 1611.
    You need a good teacher to help you through it though.  Get yourself a standard King James,  I did.  The people who put the King Jame Bible together wrote a letter in the front of the 1611 KJB, stating that they did everything they could to accurately translate Hebrew, Aramaic, & Greek to English, but there might be mistakes.  There aren't a ton of mistakes, but there are some, but they were not intentional. 
    (New Improved Versions (NIVs) have been tampered intentionally to confuse the reader.  Steer clear of NIVs)
    My suggestion to you is if you really want to learn the bible well & understand God's Word, is to look up the 
    Shepard's Chapel.  Arnold Mury, & Dennis Mury.  Find it on a channel in your area.
    They teach God's Word chapter by chapter & verse by verse at a college level.  What I do is get out my Bible and follow along with them as they read the Bible chapter by chapter & vers by verse. and I take notes.
    If there is a word that was poorly translated they show you the original Hebrew word & then it makes sense.
    If there are confusing parables, they take the time to explain.
    I hope this helps you.  I hope you give it a try.  Keep in touch with me to let me know how you are doing.  Don't let the nasayers drag you down.  You are a child of the Living God & He loves you.  So let Him know that you love Him & want to understand His plan for you.  Bless God, He will always bless you.  It is my prayer that our Father will lead, guide, direct, & touch you.
    God Bless you Foxy.
    My name is Ryan,
    I live in Wisconsin ;)

    March 17