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  • Nick Namenone
    For Binaural Brendan mixed most of the songs. Tchad mixed maybe four? But Tchad did record all of the songs.. Brendan isn't a mastering engineer. Mastering is very different that producing the record. Some producers/engineers master their own records but I don't think Brendan is one of them. I think Bob Ludwig mastered Binaural but Rodney Mills mastered Yield. He is a mastering engineer in Atlanta (or nearby). Lightning Bolt was mastered by Billy Bowers. Bob Ludwig mastered Ten through No Code (mostly confident of this but if someone has better info great). Brendan and the band are the ones that approve the original mastering. Different producers have different approaches and styles. Some are actively involved in song choices and arrangements as wells suggesting something like a guitar part or vocal melody and lyric. They may or may not suggest a lyric or part but they can get the artist to do keep changing it until the producer and artist agree that it "right".
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      Thanks, I guess I assumed it was Brendan doing the mastering as I saw some of it was done in Atlanta where Brendan has a setup. I'm a musician myself so I understand the whole mastering thing and what producers do. Never cared for the more overproduced songs, like Sirens, that clearly Brendan had a hand in creating, but I understand he's almost like a member of the band in the studio.