What was the last movie you watched?



  • dankinddankind I am not your foot. Posts: 9,267
    Keanu (again; this one might make the movies watched most thread soon)
  • hedonisthedonist standing on the edge of foreverPosts: 17,970
    dankind said:
    Keanu (again; this one might make the movies watched most thread soon)
    Dammit, I need to see this.  It's not on-demandable or on Amazon Prime.
  • Dr. DelightDr. Delight Posts: 10,432
  • bootlegger10bootlegger10 Posts: 9,304
    From Hell
  • Who PrincessWho Princess out here in the fieldsPosts: 6,988
    The Accountant.
    Really good.
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  • elvistheking44elvistheking44 Posts: 3,023
    Wonder Woman 70mm. Normally not a fan of the comic book stuff but I wanted my daughter to see it.  Very impressed, great movie both in story and visuals.
  • Jearlpam0925Jearlpam0925 Deep South PhillyPosts: 10,373
    The Hateful Eight. Entertaining, but wayyyy too long.
  • FifthelementFifthelement LotuslandPosts: 5,185
    Body of Lies
    O Brother, . . .
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  • No CoderNo Coder Brisbane Posts: 629
    The Hateful Eight. Entertaining, but wayyyy too long.
    Agree. This was my least favourite of QT's recent films. Certainly not a bad movie, but very long for what it was.
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  • PJ_SoulPJ_Soul Vancouver, BCPosts: 36,172
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    The Accountant.
    Really good.
    I enjoyed this too. Side note: I have a good friend who has a severely autistic son, and I know that some movies based on autistic characters have been panned for their insistence on always applying "super powers" of some kind to any autistic kid. This has proven offensive to some parents of children with autism, and I understand why. So when I saw The Accountant, I wondered how my friend would feel about it. I thought it might actually be okay for him because of the message it sent about autism, but I wasn't positive. I told him as much. He had intended on avoiding the film because of the "autism theme" - I guess he just doesn't trust that anymore. But because of what I said about it he watched it, and actually agreed that the movie deals with autism in a much better way than most movies that touch on the subject.
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  • HughFreakingDillonHughFreakingDillon WinnipegPosts: 10,622
    Star Wars - Rogue One. Meh. 
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel...catching up with worlds timeline..
  • HughFreakingDillonHughFreakingDillon WinnipegPosts: 10,622
    John Wick. double meh. 
  • Dr. DelightDr. Delight Posts: 10,432
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    Critters (1986)
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