Queens of the Stone Age



  • reesdog said:
    Not as excited after hearing the first two songs.  

    Agreed, not thinking too much for this tinny sound they're going for so far. I have strong doubts about this new record, but hope I'm wrong..
    Yeah the first two singles are probably the heaviest tracks outside of Haunted House. I know a couple reviews have compared it to Bowie...totally agree after listening to it. 

    I think they always recorded live for the most part so I'm sure this time around, plugging in direct to the board without amps totally changed the way they do things. It's still a great record. I feel they sound different on every record anyways. 
    looking to hear of the earth
  • tbergstbergs Posts: 2,446
    The first single took some time to appreciate, but I like that they're switching it up. It still sounds like QOTSA. Excited for their upcoming shows.
    It's a hopeless situation...
  • tbergstbergs Posts: 2,446
    Shipping confirmation just received from Matador Records. Woo-hoo!
    It's a hopeless situation...
  • mfc2006mfc2006 PDX--->KCPosts: 29,745
    Can't wait for it to arrive. Will avoid the leaks this time.
  • JK_LivinJK_Livin South JerseyPosts: 5,906
    Received my shipping notice.
    Alright, alright, alright!
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