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Some long shots here, i know.  I'm looking to complete my and my wife's "shows attended" poster collection.  We've been fortunate enough to attend a lot of great shows with a lot of great posters.  Some will be easier than others, I know.  Any and all help/offers will be appreciated. What I'm looking for:
Cincy '00 (not sure there was an event poster for this show?)
Pitt '03 Ames
Lolla '07 Ames
Philly '09 (10/30 & 10/31) tom tomorrow
St Louis '10 mark5
Columbus '10 ames
NY '10 Kong ames 
PJ20 Ames or Klausen (prefer Ames)
Pitt '13 munk one
Seattle '13 dface (PENDING)
Detroit '14 munk one (prefer joe lewis)
Ft Lauderdale '16 klausen
Miami '16 sperry (PENDING)
Padova '18 slater

here is my ebeans WT list.

If there is anything in my collection that may interest you just ask, i will let you know if i'm willing to part with it. This offer is more specifically for the Pitt'13 and Kong and would need a package built so throw out any ideas.  those will get the first priority.  I prefer the barter system at first... but i realize cash may be needed at times however, as with most everyone else its not always readily available.  thanks for looking.

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    friday evening bump - updated, i've got two pending... will continue to update as things come up and finalize. thanks for looking
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    ive got pitt 13 on my list but didnt get rolemodels penis bump - bump

    also i updated my trades... reluctantly. fishing.  again, if there is anything my collection that may interest you, let me know and we can talk.
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    I have APs of Lolla 07 Ames, Ft Lauderdale 16 Klausen and and EV Amsterdam 17 Taylor. PM me if you’re interested. Thanks
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    I know. I had one on 4/20/11
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    thanks, hollis... i will take a look and get back to you via pm.
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