I Poured Out Blood

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I twisted the cork & drank more than one.
If this house was ocean bound or sea worthy,
the bottles would sway across the galley deck.
If this ship was built for travel I would be the captain.
I poured out blood,
teeth stained in crimson & coagulating on the page.
Pinched parchment soaking up the grape, smearing ink in quite effective rage. 
What more cliches can hide poor prose or steal spotlight from lost lines?
Would you like more tears from me?
I poured out blood until the blood was no more,
stepped out into the quiet Christmas near the night.
The stars still breathing clear,
my thoughts of you, dear brother. 
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  • ShynerShyner Posts: 825
    Thinking of you
    Thinking of the future
    What you do
    Is what we all do
    I wonder what you know
    It's something i don't

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