Best South American city to visit for Lolla?

I've never been to SA, but if I was to go. What would be the best place for an overall trip out of these 3 locations?


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    You can easily find those good vibes (that are too emoted at the shows) almost anywhere that's related with art, night, music, etc.
    Unfortunately, our passion sometimes is mixed with our lack of education and that's where the trouble starts. But that's another tale.

    Argentina without a shadow of doubts.
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    Buenos Aires is the place..
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    I used to live in Sao Paulo and i visited Buenos Aires and Santiago a couple of times.

    You have a lot to do in these three cities. Depends on what kind of tourist you are.
    If you're looking for nature and beautiful places, go to Santiago.
    If you're looking for nightlife, restaurants and bars, go to Sao Paulo.
    If you're looking for an insane crowd, good food and great prices, go to Buenos Aires.

    You've three good options.

    If you have any questions, just let me know.

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