Vinyl - Wanted - Ten deluxe, PJ 20 and Rearviewmirror

Looking for Ten deluxe, PJ 20 and maybe Rearviewmirror vinyl is anyone is looking to sell these.
Am wanting in good playing condition but do not need mint. They will be purchased to play not just sit in a collection to look at. 
I am in New Zealand so if you know what the costs to ship to me that would also be helpful.
All the listing on eBay etc lately seen to be asking for huge money and therefor do not sell but they just relist for the same price.


  • You won't find Rearview on here for much less than eBay prices. The other two you might though! Happy hunting OP! New Zealand is the most beautiful country I've been to by the way.
  • WP72720WP72720 Posts: 52
    I responded to your comment regarding the pj vinyl for sale. I will check on cost of shipping and get back to you. Send me your email address and I will get you pics sent of the vinyl as well.
  • mbphotonzmbphotonz Posts: 15
    Still really keen on PJ20 and/or Ten Deluxe box on vinyl (might have to put Rearviewmirror on hold). Had an offer of all three but can not afford all three at the moment. Missed Ten Deluxe on eBay overnight for 120 EURO (Bugger) plus reasonable shipping costs.
    Anyways let me know if there are any around and what you are looking for them. Thanks.
  • VeddermbVeddermb Posts: 341
    Are you talking about the 10 Super Deluxe edition (stock pic attached)?  if so, I have one available.  Would ship from Canada though so not sure how much that would be.

  • mbphotonzmbphotonz Posts: 15
    Managed to get the 10 deluxe off eBay. But thanks. 

  • Have managed to get the 10 deluxe and PJ 20 is (or should be) on the way to me from the States. Thanks to all. Now time to save up for Rearviewmirror. 
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